Headscratchers / Crisis Equestria

Why the heck does Pinkie do the whole Homage thing?
Sure, there might be a whole conservation of joke thing going on, but despite the ability to, no doubt, take advantage of Cutscene Power to the Max, her DressSpheres seem more a limitation than anything else, and worse, they exacerbate her Weaksauce Weakness. You can't make your check to disbelieve until you make your Spot Check, after all. Which is funnier: using night-vision goggles to spot an invisible opponent, or to Mr. Magoo your way through a fight? Worse, while it may be impossible for the goggles to do anything, the other is merely improbable.
  • Of course, there's the whole meta answer: it's precisely to tone her down and keep her manageable for the author, although it also gives her room to grow as she moves away from over arching gimmicks.
    • The downside to the 'growth' answer, of course, is that that's pretty much where she started out in canon...
Why can't Twilight make cupcakes out of rocks when she can make a top hat out of a rock?
Top Hats and Rocks are both made out of inorganic material. A cupcake is not.
  • Actually most Top Hats in the Real World are made out of felt and stiff cardboard or leather bound book-like substances. It is in fact organic. Perhaps the top hat she crafted is just reorganized rock material which makes more sense.