Headscratchers / Basilisk

  • Jimushi Juubei smokes a pipe. No one knows how he stuffs and lights it, given that he has no arms...
    • Same way he travels while not crawling- he has subordinates doing it for him.
    • No, he does it himself with his tongue. This is possible, in a movie I think called Misfits, (it was about a bunch of real life freaks), a man without limbs is able to set up his pipe himself.
    • Considering that he managed to kill a man, steal a valuable scroll from a bunch of expert ninjas and outrun (well, outcrawl) them, I guess that he can light a pipe just fine.
  • Not sure, but why Okoi did not retain her large lips in the anime?
    • It's difficult to animate.
  • Can Okoi activate her blood absorption ability at will? Or it works more like Rogue's mutation from X-men, leaving her little room for physical contact with friends and family? True, her brother caressed her hand in her final hour but it may be because she was nearly dead at the time.
  • How did the Kouga get away with the attack on Iga in the anime? Hattori locked them into a treaty 400 years ago after their thousands of years of fighting. And how did both sides get away with the minor killings? You'd think a treaty ensuring peace between the two would cease any kind of murders. Gyoubu's dad or Tenzen's mother.