Funny / Basilisk

  • Oboro gets so nervous about meeting Gennosuke that she develops the hiccups. After Akeginu tries to cure her (making her drink from a teacup with chopsticks across the top) and fails, Rousai and Nenki, arguably two of her most grotesque minions, do their part to help by leaping out and giving her the scare of her life. And it still doesn't work.
    • Also in the same episode, Okoi and Gyoubu are about a to kill an unsuspecting boar, when Udono decides to cop a feel of Okoi's butt. She beats the crap out of him for it.
    • Young Oboro playing with Tenzen hair while he's trying to have a serious conversation with Ogen.
    • The episode in question is also Crowning Moment of Heartwarming. Considering that half the cast is dead by the point we see the flashback episode, and the characters who appeared to be really bad are extremely sympathetic here.
  • At the feast honoring Gennosuke and Udonoís visit to Iga Tsubagakure, Gennosuke and Oboro decide to perform the fan dance they had been practicing for a while, revealing the real reason behind their evening trysts. This little exchange alleviates the otherwise tense atmosphere.
    Jousuke: Thatís what you were doing all those times you two met! Practicing a dance!
    Gennosuke: Is that so shocking to you? Why else did you think Oboro-sama and I would be meeting up all those nights?
    Jousuke (with a lecherous look in his eyes): You donít know?! Ö I canít say it out loud, can I, Akeginu-dono?
    Akeginu (whom Jousuke has been abortively trying to woo all this time, recoils in dismay): Why are you asking me?!