Headscratchers / Attack of the 50-Foot Woman

  • How does a giant woman fit inside a bedroom? And where did she find the time to put on the improvised bedsheet bikini she wears when she breaks out, especially since she barely had room to move before?
    • Why did the giant alien turn Nancy into a giant, anyway? Did he accidentally contaminate her with radiation, or did he made her big on purpose because he was lonely?
      • The remake provides an explanation sort of. In the end, Nancy is shown with two other women her size in the space ship with their normal sized husbands trapped in a room together forced into perpetual marriage counseling. The aliens must take pity on especially meek women.
      • And that's not even going into the whole Square-Cube Law and Mass/Energy Conservation thing.
    • Are you kidding me? This is not just "a" giantess story, this is THE giantess story! The first one of its kind, where all other giantess stories come from! It's the Trope Makerand Trope Codifier for all the tropes/cliches present in giantess stories! It's like demanding an explanation from tropes referring to Superman comics (where most of superhero/comic book tropes come from)!
      • I hardly think Attack Of The 50ft Woman's legacy can be compared to Superman's.