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Headscratchers: Age of Apocalypse
  • Which brings up a Fridge Logic issue with the whole "Alternate Universe" concept: if there is a universe for each possible outcome of an event, there should be at least one where the M'Kraan Crystal was breached without rectification, therefore dooming all existences.
    • If all things are possible via alternate universes, then logically there's a universe that will prevent this from happening.
    • Later X-books established that there are watchers of the multiverse who press "delete" on universes where this occurs. Maybe they were out to lunch when the AOA happened.
      • Or maybe they would have pressed "delete" when the other existences were in danger. Watchers adopt a watch and see attitude.
      • Those are different watchers.
      • According to a canon comic book series spun off from the X-Men Animated Series, the M'Kraan Crystal was fractured, and destroyed the alternate universe of the 1990s Marvel cartoons. So, I think that when the M'Kraan Crystal is destroyed, it only takes with it its respective universe.
      • So 90's cartoon Spider-Man is dead? That's depressing.
      • Ouch. I think you just killed a piece of my childhood with that reveal.
    • If a multiverse is made up of all possible universes, and there are universes that can cause the destruction of the entire multiverse, then it stands to reason those universes are not technically possible, because the multiverse still exists. Or, as has been already said: A Watcher did it.
      • In theory, the M'Kraan Crystal could only destroy HALF of all universes, because the other half would be universes where the people worked out how to stop it.
    • The Ao A was the result of time travel, not a 'natural' universe, and as such it overwrote the 616 universe (originally, until it was retconned). That is why the M'Kraan was gonna mess up both universes.
  • How was Charles born? No really, Rogue repeatedly says that she can not touch him, so how did he touch her for 9 months?
    • Her power works on skin contact. Skin is on the outside, babies come from the inside.
      • So he should have been screwed at birth, seeing as how the vulva and the vagina are made of skin. Of course, she could have had a c section...
    • Plus as we've seen in the comics when the Carol Danvers personality was in control Rogue's powers actually do have an on/off switch she just for some psychological reason has a mental block she can't otherwise overcome. So as a mother her instincts would have had it shut down for at least the duration of her pregnancy where her fetus was concerned.
  • If you look at the final battle in the final publication of the arc, you'll notice that Cyclops and Havok shoot and kill each other. And no, not with guns or crossbows, but with their powers. For those not in the know: this is freaking impossible!!!
    • The folks at Marvel eventually got the memo and in the 2005 miniseries Cyclops turned out to be alive. Havok was killed by Wolverine.
  • How is Sugar-man's tongue able to kill Vincente despite the fact that he was in a gaseous form?!? a quote from The Other Wiki : On their way to find Illyana Rasputin, they unfortunately ran in to Sugar Man. Although they attempted to shoot the maniac, he stabbed the pair with his razor-sharp tongue, almost killing Husk and delivering a fatal blow to Vincente, even though he was in his gaseous form at the time. I call shenanigans. This has irked me for more than a bloody decade.
  • What happened to the lucifer invansion?
    • Forget the Lucifer, what happened when Galactus came to Earth?
    • The Watcher found someone else to oppose Galactus and acquire the Ultimate Nullifier while Apocalypse hadn't had time to fully destroy things yet, and Lucifer probably got offed by someone else in an untold tale (like all the many invasions and things that got stopped off-camera, like the Kree and Skrull invasions).
      • According to What If? 81, Galactus would have rocked up after the defeat of Apocalypse. I guess he just took the scenic route?
  • Ok, I liked Sabretooth Ao A. I liked him better than I like most current X-Men. But I can think of no reason why he was who he was in this. The retold story of Cape Citadel in X-Men V1-1 had him revolted by the villains' plan to actually nuke everything. I just can't see that. Creed has been a complete asshole for longer than we are even really sure of, and would even in the early days relish that kind of carnage. The only explanation I can find for him being that radically different is that somehow, Charles Xavier's very life prevented something that would have cooled down his taste for innocent blood. But for the life of me, I can't see what that might be.
    • Sabretooth operates on At Least I Admit It- he thinks that deep down, everyone is just as bad as he is,. In other words part of his identity is that "I do evil things, most people don't; acting evil makes me special and gets me noticed" and thus, doesn't truly think of himself as evil (though he'll play it for effect), just a normal man pushed over the edge by a world that didn't give him the love he used to crave and now barely feels. Someone actually managing to Kill All Humans (or coming close enough) means that there 1) there are a lot less people left to kill (ie. take his problems out on), and 2) he won't get to be as monstrous as he likes to think he is ('cause in a post-apocalyptic hellhole, he's not as scary or special as he is in civilization). Basically he's filled with self-loathing and avoiding his guilt and insecurities by acting like he's pure evil (he's doing a good job, I'll grant) when deep down he feels worthless and damned already, probably felt like he was damned before he did anything worth being damned for. He's afraid of an actual Crapsack World because he can't role-play the Boogeyman anymore and further he might just genuinely think Apocalypse is worse than he (he has a case there, you have to admit). Now he's forced to look in the mirror and realize "no, I'm not an uber-force of evil; I'm just a murderous loser who needs to scare people". And he doesn't like it, so- possibly slowly- he changes. Helps that bad as he was in those days, he probably still hadn't committed his worst excesses.
    • Also, he's a mercenary, and pretty genre savvy too. He intuitively knows that if they are going to exterminate humans not for profit, down the line they might start getting rids of "undesirables". He's bloodthirsty FOR BATTLE, and if there is a buck to be made, well sure, why not? The plans Apocalypse have just go into complete monster territory. All of his portrayals picture him as a blood templar, not someone who is down to do some genocide for the kicks. Also, while Logan goes to become the extremist version of his 90's self in the comics; Creed gets to become the 80's Logan for this series. An atoner.
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