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Headscratchers: A Cinderella Story
  • Exactly how is it more dignified to be a gas station attendant than a waitress? Sure, Austin is working for his family...but so is Sam!
    • Classism. Austin is richer than Sam and his parents have money. He simply works for some extra cash. Sam however has to work for everything. Or at least that's what it appears to be since she's working so many hours. If someone has to work long hours for most days, the other kids will assume they're poorer and desperate.
  • How did Sam suddenly know that Fiona lied about her getting into Princeton in the end? Fiona and her daughters had no reason to tell her the truth.
    • The college could have sent her an e-mail or another letter asking if she was going to take her place there. When you get accepted into college you have to register, pay fees and sort accommodation etc. There would likely be more correspondence between Sam and Princeton than just the acceptance letter.
  • I understand that this movie requires immense suspension of belief but a flimsy party mask preventing Austin from recognizing Sam is really pushing it. She looked hardly any different and that's not even taking into account him having heard her voice!
    • Austin didn't know Sam before. The first time he had properly spoken to her was at the dance. And bear in mind it's a darkly lit party with loud music in the background. In the film it's not so evident but in real life those kinds of parties make it hard to properly identify people. If the second time he properly spoke to her was at the Diner, he might not have immediately recognised her voice since the last time they spoke there was music in the background.
  • Cinderella, in this case, has her own spacious fully decorated bedroom, her own computer, her own car, a cell phone, lives in a house in an upper class neighborhood, and goes to a school filled with similarly upper class kids and, therefore, gets a lot of funding for clubs and stuff. Her main source of misery is that she has a steady job in her "wicked" stepmother's cyber cafe. Plus, she's a senior (accutally she's a junior she says "she's graduation a year early) in high school and has excellent grades. She would only have to put up with her horrible relatives for a few more months before she undoubtedly goes off to college with a couple of scholarships under her belt! Most other versions of Cinderella would kill for a life like this!
    • Her mother specifically lied to keep the diner away from her and keep her out of college, so dependent on her. As bad as the other Cinderellas? No. Bad, as compared to the lives of the target audience? Yep.
    • Plus, I am pretty certain that the end of the movie said that the stepmother was breaking child labor laws through the terms of her employment to her stepdaughter.
    • Sam also has to put up with bullies at school, if that helps. The pep-rally scene implies practically the whole school hates her.
    • She had to do (almost, at least) all the chores, and they do live in a big house, in addition to having to work the hours at the diner. And she was being emotionally abused. Having stuff, some of which makes it easier for Fiona to boss her around (the car and phone), doesn't really make up for that.
    • She lost her father and was forced to live in an attic. Her stepmother favoured her own two daughters so Sam grew up with no love from her family at all. She had friends at the diner but it's different when you don't have a family. And there's plenty of emotional abuse going on there too. Sam is a teenager after all.
  • How the heck did those cheerleaders not get punished for the pep-rally where they publicly humiliated Sam? Honestly, this really pisses me off.
    • Maybe it varies by school (though I doubt it) but wouldn't who ever was in charge of organizing the pep-rally have to supervise what would be shown at said pep-rally? Logically he/she would have to approve everything to make sure it isn't inappropriate. So does this mean a teacher knew they were going to humiliate Sam and just let it happen?
    • One teacher is seen looking upset about what is happening (the woman sitting behind Austin) as if she knew someone was being mocked yet at no point did she or any one of the teachers present say anything at all to stop it. They never discipline the girls afterwards when they see they hurt an innocent girl's feelings.
    • The skit they do to humiliate Sam is not funny (and not just because we, the audience, sympathize with her). It was painfully unfunny yet everyone is seen dieing laughing at it. Then afterwards when it is revealed by Shelby that they are mocking Sam the entire student body keeps laughing like its somehow hysterical and even start chanting "DINER GIRL". Why? It's been awhile since I've seen the film but I'm pretty sure that at no point is it established that they all dislike her. She's just an outcast as far as I remember and only Shelby and her minions dislike her because... well... they're horrible. Why is the entire student body suddenly being so cruel to her? It just makes no sense to me.
    • The faculty might have realized that if they punished Shelby, they would also have to punish Fiona's daughters, and Fiona would then take it out on Sam.
    • This bugged me too, so I have to ask this, were they punished in a deleted scene?
  • I will admit I haven't seen the entire film in awhile but to my memory other people knew about the abuse Sam was suffering at home. (Please correct me if I'm wrong) Carter, Rhonda, and other minor characters at the diner seem aware of what her home-life is like. So if they all know, why didn't anyone do anything to try and stop? Why did't anyone call Social Services?
    • Since all Social Services would see would be a teen not getting along with a parent. Now if Fiona had like..slap or pinched Sam somehow.. now maybe that could have been abuse.
    • Um, wrong, considering how social services would also notice, y'know, Sam being pressganged by her stepmother into working at her diner as well as actively interfering in her life to keep her from going to Princeton.
      • You'd be suprised at the things Social Services would manage to overlook.
      • Read above. Sam lives in an attic yes but she still has plenty of stuff to herself. It's not uncommon for teens to help out in family businesses. If social services came around, Fiona could easily make it look like that was all Sam was doing. The situation between Sam and Fiona is abuse but it's not a life threatening problem. Sam's friends at the diner probably didn't report Fiona because...well she's still their boss. They probably like having their jobs and reporting Sam would get them fired or else get Fiona to treat them worse. I know Rhonda would probably want to be able to keep an eye on Sam and protect her from the worst of Fiona's bullying. They also figured that since Sam was going off to college soon, she already had her escape from Fiona.
  • So since Sam's father hid his will from Fiona(in the fairytale book),does that mean he realized that Fiona was bad news?
    • It's possible. We don't know how long they were married for. He might have seen through her eventually but not want to divorce her for the sake of Sam having a mother figure - and also not wanting to put her or Fiona's daughters through a messy divorce.
  • Couldn't Sam just charge the harrassing boys extra at the restaurant? I mean, I've been reading about how restaurants give discounts if the patrons were well-behaved, so you'd think she'd add a little extra to their bill for teasing her. I bet Rhonda would've agreed!
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