Haiku / Supernatural

Two brothers' sad lives:
Angels and demons pull strings.
Destiny—a bitch.

Sam, Dean, Winchesters.
Saving people, hunting things.
The family biz.

Daddy is absent.
Bobby's love runs much deeper.
Help cannot be found.

Beautiful people,
They make us all feel ugly,
Bobby, you don't count.

Sam, Dean, and Cas live.
All the other people, though?
Not very likely.

Castiel? Badass!
He may not get many jokes,
but he's so awesome!

Master plans in play.
"Two huntin' bros" to decide
The fate of the world.

Where do souls reside?
Must the fated end be true?
God does not answer.

Ho yay, fetish fuel,
Bro yay, and more. Superna-
tural is epic!

Dean Winchester died
Castiel the angel died
Sam Winchester died.

That guy over there?
He may just survive this show
But don't count on it.

God -vs- Luci
Who will win the big showdown
Most angels don't care.

Everything hurts
This show is nothing but pain
Iím going to cry
Daddy Issues? Check! Phenomenal Angst? That too! Ye Gods! Hugs needed!

Dean and Sam, brothers
They destroy evil monsters
It's pretty awesome
—>— KesagakeBoy

Non-poetic version here.