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Awesome Music: Supernatural
Supernatural is near-perfect when it comes to choosing music. You want examples?

  • All the variations of Dean's Family Dedication Theme
  • Or, if you're not in the mood for sad moments, rock out like a headbanging idiot because it's the time for the end of "Nightshifter".
  • "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" at the end of "A Very Supernatural Christmas".
  • This should help. The theme for Metallicar. AWE. SOME.
  • The famously epic use of "Eye of the Tiger" after the episode "Yellow Fever"
  • "Carry On Wayward Son" by Kansas is practically the show's unofficial theme song.
  • Do promos count? Because the music in this one was pretty sweet.
  • "O Death" by Jen Titus in the newest Season 5 promo. A better version, without Sam and Dean talking over the music, accompanied by the man himself.
  • Johnny Cash's "God's Gonna Cut You Down" in a Season 2 promo; the song made the whole thing Bad Ass.
  • "Smoke On the Water". Only this show can give a He's Back moment to A CAR.
  • For the season 2 recap, they used AC/DC's "Hell's Bells". Watch it here.
  • For good case of Soundtrack Dissonance and minor Fore Shadowing, "Bad Moon Rising" plays right before the Impala gets totaled by a semi.
  • In "Bloodlust", they give a number to the car: AC/DC's "Back in Black" heralds the Impala's return to the road after her destruction in the Season 1 finale.
  • Dean blaring Def Leppard's "Rock of Ages" on the car stereo as he drives into the middle of Armageddon to get upside the face of the two most powerful beings in the universe short of God Almighty.
  • "Smoke on the Water".
  • Born to be Wild in the Season Seven Finale.
  • "Man in the Wilderness" by Styx for the Season Eight premiere.
    • The use of "Locomotive Breath" by Jethro Tull, which plays over the Season Seven recap montage, manages to foreshadow both the Season Eight finale and the story arc of Season Nine with the lyric "Catches angels as they fall."

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