Haiku / SpongeBob SquarePants

Pineapple dweller
Has undersea adventures
With his wacky friends.
Submitted by Outta The BLAM

It's about a sponge
That lives in a pineapple?
How does this make sense?

There was an ugly
Barnacle, so ugly eve-
Ryone died. The end.

At first it's just weird,
but then, with Seasonal Rot,
it gets so much worse.

This show was a great classic,
then it got sucky.
Now this show just sucks.

Karma Houdini
Describes greedy Eugene Krabs
Sometimes it doesn't.

self-destruct. Not one of my
Plankton (Imitation Krabs)

The greatest cartoon.
Then, horrible things happened.
It's way past its prime.

Oh my, Paul Tibbit...
Why did you ruin this show?
It used to be great!
Unknown Troper

Fruit under the sea
There's a sponge that's in it
It used to be fun

Hillenburg Returns!
A little bit of beauty glows
within this little show again.

Post-movie SpongeBob:
"Let's go ruin Squidward's day!"
Not the one I knew.