Haiku / Mystery Science Theater 3000

A guy, two puppets,
The worst films in history,
And barrels of snark.

Just say to yourself,
"It is just a show, I should
Really just relax."

Guy goes into space
Builds a couple of robots
Watches bad movies.

Clowns are raining down;
Hear the scream of the grease paint!
Danger! Clown puddles.

Next Sunday, A.D.,
A buffoon and his robots
Review bad movies.

It's like a movie;
It is a B-Movie show.
Well, sort of, I guess.

Great TV show which
Brings new life to old movies
Thank you MST!

My heart loves to hear
"In the not too distant future
Next Sunday, AD"

This is just a show
You should really just relax.
"Push the button Frank."

We all know, don't we?
If man should go into space,
This show would happen.