Haiku / Ed, Edd n Eddy

Three dudes scam some kids
all just in the pursuit of
jawbreaker money.

It always fails, though.
But Eddy, the wisecracker,
never he gives up.

Ed is a weirdo,
though he loves chickens, he is
not exactly bright.

Edd, er, Double D,
the geek, invents awesome stuff
and wears a cool hat.

Lee, Marie, and May
Kanker Sisters chase the Eds
Black Comedy Rape.

Johnny 2X4
Has a wood plank for a friend
With a doodle face.

Three Guys scams some Kids
Doesn't work out too well
Oh, I wonder why?

From the Old Country,
It's Rolf, son of a shepherd.
Ed likes his chickens.