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Radar: Ed, Edd n Eddy

  • In "Home Cooked Eds", the Kanker Sisters invade Eddy's house while on vacation, and at one point a terrified Edd says something along the lines of, "I fear they're becoming amorous..." He then whispers the meaning into a confused Eddy's ear, and the Eds quickly flee the house, screaming in terror. (To those who simply are too lazy to open a dictionary, to become amorous means you're getting ready for sex.)
    • And before you ask, no. There's no other definition or connotation for it, so it really means what it means.
    • It doesn't help that they were trying to put him in skin tight leopard skin underwear beforehand.
    • Later, when Eddy and Kevin are trying to push the trailer to each other's side of the fence, the Kankers mention it feels like the vacation their mom took. Considering the things said about her character, it could give disturbing images.
      • Not as bad as you might think, since Lee did explicitly say that said vacation was a cruise.
      • We also got this from "Who, What, Where, Ed":
    Eddy: [dressed in a pimp-like tuxedo] I'm doing a survey and...
    Lee: Our mom's not home.
    • To be fair, that's a pretty standard response for a kid to give if someone is at the door that they don't know, so YMMV if that was on the Radar or not. But then again, in the very first episode with them, we learn that the Kanker sisters have different fathers (whether legitimatelynote  or notnote ).
  • Pretty much every scene ever involving Jimmy, whose sexuality has been called into question several times.
  • The episode where Eddy's mom is cleaning the house and he asks Ed to hide his magazines is one 11 minute long giant middle finger to the radar. At one point he says that his (older) brother gave him the magazines, at another he thinks Ed hid them in a sewer and Edd mentions that the damp would render them unreadable. Eddy's reply? "It's the PICTURES I'm worried about!"
    • Also, there was this:
    Eddy: I'd tell you I love ya, Ed, but I ain't that kind of guy!
    • The sound effect that plays when Eddy says "viewing pleasure" counts as well.
    • And when Eddy says he's hiding his... "magazines" to Double D, he sounds a bit more discreet than you'd think he'd be, and Double D sure had one heck of a naughty face.
  • In "Hand Me Down Ed", a mysterious boomerang causes some of the kids' personalities to change hilariously. When Ed holds it, it he becomes a TV Genius. When Eddy holds it, he becomes maternal. But when Double D holds it? He becomes a nudist and proceeds to do a strip-tease. note 
  • In "1 + 1 = Ed", Ed saws a circle into the sky and sees the Kanker sisters having a bubble bath. Afterwards, Eddy snickers and asks him "Did you see anything?".
    • There's a scene where Eddy decides to take apart an old wardrobe to "learn what's inside". He finds a bra.
    Eddy: Whoo-hoo, PG-13!
    Ed: Um, that's my mom's, Eddy.
    Eddy: (drops bra) EEEEULLLLWWWW!!!!!
  • In "A Case of Ed"; while Ed is "diagnosing" Double D, Eddy comments:
    Eddy: Did Doctor Ed give you the rubber glove treatment yet?
  • In "Ed, Ed and Away", after getting a cow tipped onto him, Rolf remarks:
    Rolf: Never again will Rolf store house keys in his trouser pockets...
    • Happens again in "See No Ed" when Rolf is trapped under a pile of bananas.
    Rolf: The bananas are crushing Rolf's apples!
  • In "Little Ed Blue" Edd and Eddy are rifling through Ed's room and Eddy comes across a magazine called "Chicks Galore" and opens it find that it's pictures of baby chickens, much to his annoyance.
    Double D: I didn't know they made magazines like that...
    • The scene in question had a zipper sound effect.
  • In "Rent-a-Ed" after breaking a pipe in Johnny's house while trying to fix it up the Eds decide to convert it into a sauna, Rolf really enjoys it when suddenly his towel blows off revealing he's not wearing anything underneath, everyone reacts in shock or disgust except for Jimmy who curiously says "Ooh!"
  • Everything about the Kanker sisters' warped romantic pursuit of the Ed boys is pretty much what Moral Guardians would consider Black Comedy Rape (albeit a kids' show version of it). In "A Twist of Ed", it gets worse, especially when Lee sneaks into Eddy's shower to kiss him (despite both being clothed when it happens).
  • Looking closely at one of the sticky notes on Edd's bathroom wall reveal the words "Don't touch yourself".
  • The infamous sextant scene from the movie.
  • Coming back to the Kanker Sisters, their name might be a nod to chancre sores (which is spelled pretty similar to canker sores, something noncontagious), which are a type of oral ulcer which appear very similar to genital herpes sores. In fact, genital herpes sores and chancre sores are related, in that they're from the same virus, and it is possible to give someone genital herpes if you have chancre sores in your mouth.
    • When this show was aired in the Netherlands, written instances of the Kankers' last name were replaced with their Dutch name (Zeur — meaning "nag"), seeing as "Kanker" is how the Dutch spell "Cancer". Given the penchant of Dutch people to incorporate diseases into their swearing, its rudeness is obvious.
  • Often when Eddy is in trouble with the Kanker sisters - especially when they drag him off to kiss him - you can hear him shout "I'm a minor, stop!"
  • From "Out With the Old, In With the Ed", when Edd is sent rolling down the stairs in order to talk to the Kankers about switching homerooms. Keep in mind that Edd lands on his back with his legs stretched out rather far.
    May: "It's our boy toy, guys!"
    Lee: "Check 'im out; he must be good at gymnastics!"
    Marie: "Let's find out!"
  • From "To Sir with Ed", in which Ed was pretending to be a dog while at Edd's house. Keep in mind that we cannot see below Edd's waist in this shot.
    Eddy: (on the phone with Edd) Why don't you guys come on over?
    Edd: Gosh, Eddy, a tad late, don't you think? I mean, Ed was finally going to-*stops and shivers* Please let go of my leg, Ed...
  • Nazz says this gem of a line to Ed in "Boys Will Be Eds";
    Nazz: "Hiya big guy, are you gonna touch me with that ball?"
  • The ending of "Key to My Ed" combines this with Does This Remind You of Anything? in spades. Some of the lines during this scene only further hammer it home.
    Lee: You boys are in for the ride of your lives!
    Ed: A naked foot.
    Eddy: I'm too young! And handsome!
  • In "Ready, Set... Ed" Kevin asks whether the Eds' rocket car has knobs (somewhat outdated slang for breasts) while making a suggestive motion with his hands.
  • In "Your Ed Here", this exchange occurs:
    Edd: PREPOSTEROUS! This isn't how the game is played! I refuse to play under these absurd conditions, Ed!
    Ed: Aww, kitty-cat go meow?note 
    • Same episode, we later get this taunt:
    Ed: Find your hamburgers yet, wimpy?note 
    • This also doubles as a reference to Popeye.
  • There's the endlessly laughable, endlessly disturbing scene at the end of "High-Heeled Ed" where Ed yells "Hug me!" and we hear...
    Edd: Ed, you're in your underwear!
    Ed: Okay, I feel loved now.
  • It sure does look like Ed's having a lot of fun "riding" Jimmy's sand-unicorn in "Hot Buttered Ed"...
  • In "Is There an Ed in the House?" a sick Sarah asks Jimmy to fluff her pillow for her. And what does he ask her when he starts?
    Jimmy Am I a good fluffer Sarah?
    Sarah Yes, you are Jimmy!
  • Eddy flips off the Urban Rangers at the beginning of "An Ed in the Bush", obscured only by the fact that everyone on this show has Four-Fingered Hands.
  • "I am an Ed-o-pus, because I'm Ed!" note 
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