Awesome / Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy

The Movie

The Eds
  • Ed's Mart. While it may not have seemed like a big deal back in season 1 (when it aired), it becomes this in hindsight due to being the only scam that not only completely worked, but also (assumedly) turned out a good profit for the Eds.
  • "Dim Lit Ed" has Kevin making fun of Double D's class. Double D's response? Putting a Dunce cap on Kevin. Eddy follows up by forcing the cap down his head and the rest of the kids laugh at Kevin's misfortune. On top of it, when Kevin retaliates, Nazz calls him out for being violent! Apart from this huge Take That, Scrappy! moment, the conclusion of the episode shows the Eds making a successful run out of a pet store, albeit much to Double D's disgust.
    Double D: I'm Surrounded by Idiots.
    Eddy: Who's complaining?
  • At one point, Double D and Eddy use a puppet show to with a couple of Ed's toys to make Ed happy. Eddy gives up immediately and Double D tries to tell him off about it. Ed pulls the string on the back of his monster toy while Double D isn't looking. Cue the toy SHOOTING A FIFTY FOOT FLAME AT EDDY AND DOUBLE D. Eddy's reaction sums it right up.
    Eddy: Nice toy.
  • Ed and Edd overcoming their fears and putting up a convincing facade to scare the Kankers in "A Twist Of Ed".
    Lee: These guys are creeping me out!!
  • In "Urban Ed" they build a cardboard city named Edtropolis in the lane. All the kids (except Jonny) loved it.
    Kevin: The dorks did something cool for once.
  • Eddy and Ed actually holding their ground in a fight against Lee and Marie in the Valentine's Day special. Special mention goes to the moment when Lee is strangling Eddy. He manages to escape her grasp and defiantly bites her leg.
    • Plus just the simple fact that Eddy was willing to fight the Kankers for Edd.
    Marie: Where's our May?!
  • Ed and Edd stealing Kevin's bike in "Luck of the ed". what makes it awesome is that they deny his bike to him even though he is pissed and going for it.

  • In the episode where Ed is in a bad mood due to a pebble in his shoe. He actually makes Sarah back off. (pictured right)
    Sarah: Ed! You can't kick me out, Mister! I LIVE HERE TOO!
    Ed: SO MOVE!
    • Everything Ed does in this episode is awesome, from telling his bratty younger sister where to stick it, beating up the neighborhood bully (by using Eddy as a baseball bat against him), making a seemingly harmless plastic toy breathe fire, roaring like Godzilla, and nuking the entire playground.
    • Even more awesome, though, was after Ed had scared off Sarah and Kevin, Edd and Eddy didn't even CONSIDER running away. All they did was try to get Ed back to his former self. Their lives were quite possibly on the line, and they STILL basically just stood there and took everything Ed threw at them, all in the hopes of cheering him up.
  • Ed is pure awesome for a good 95% of the Boo Haw Haw special. It also shows what happens if Ed's protectiveness of Sarah and his aversion to hitting girls are taken away: he utterly trounces her in a fight.
  • Ed winning a spelling bee against Edd, even if it was through the words "ectoplasm" and "gravy".
  • This. Just this.
    • For those who didn't follow the link, Ed destroys Double D's house using nothing but static electricity!
  • In general, anything related to his Reality Warping and Super Strength abilities.
  • While he's usually The Load or The Millstone, he has his heroic moments, like saving Double D twice in "Don't Rain on My Ed" or saving Kevin from the Kankers in "Dawn Of The Eds". And in "Momma's Little Ed" he's able to hold the Kankers off by trapping their heads in a measuring cup: this is one of the few times the Kankers get some comeuppance.
  • In "O-Ed Eleven" Ed, of all people, manages to puzzle out a map belonging to Eddy's mysterious older brother. Of course, he's still Ed, so he tries to explain it thusly:
    Edd: Ed, how on earth did you do that?
    Ed: Because I am a brother, and Eddy's brother is a brother, and Eddy is a brother to Eddy's brother as a brother I am.
  • At one point, Ed wants to suggest an idea for a new scam. Eddy shoots it down, leading Ed to burst into tears. Guilt tripped, Eddy begrudgingly goes through with it. Ed begins celebrating loudly, pausing only to slyly mention to Double D that he learned that trick from Sarah. Double D actually smiles amused from this, realising Ed actually managed to outsmart Eddy.
  • Ed defending Sarah from Edd in "A Fistful of Ed". Yes, Edd wasn't really dangerous, but Ed standing up against what he thought was his best friend gone nuts shows just how much he cares about his little sister.
  • In "If it Smells Like Ed", Ed actually manages to help develop a REASONABLE theory on how to identify the perpetrator of a group of incidents which the Eds are wrongly accused of doing based on a footprint at the scene of the crimes where it would have been ideal to commit the crimes at the position of the footprint, as Ed notes. Mind you, this is ED we are talking about, who normally has the intelligence level of Patrick Star, if not worse, not some observant detective. Then again, he ruins the moment by suggesting that the perpetrator is a foot.

  • Double-D has created many, many awesome things out of cardboard and other junk, but probably the best was the Thingamajig, the technological equivalent of a genie's lamp that spat out whatever it's user wanted, including things bigger than the Thingamajig itself. And Double-D acted as if creating more than one would have been no big deal.
    • And let's not forget the PLANE he built a season later. And that scanner thing he used in "Luck of the Ed."
  • In "A Case Of Ed", Ed and Eddy have been alternating between tormenting a grounded Kevin, and tricking Edd into thinking he had a fatal disease. Both Edd and Kevin get their revenge when Kevin gets ungrounded early for good behavior, and then, when Ed and Eddy lock themselves in Eddy's house so Kevin can't get at them, Edd "accidentally" drops the spare key to the house, allowing Kevin to get in and get his revenge, watched by Edd who proceeds to list the symptoms of what can only be known as "Karma-itis".
    "Kevin's Justified Pummel Disorder. Symptoms are bruising of the eye, followed by a sore rear end and a rapid decrease of hot air from an inflated ego".
  • Parodied in The Day the Ed Stood Still, when Edd, stands up to Ed (who believes he's a monster) and if it weren't for the fact Edd knew it was Ed and not an actual monster, this would probably least, that's my opinion.
    • Well, this is Ed, the individual who lifts houses like it's nothing. So, whether or not he's really a giant monster, Ed is in that mindset, so for all intents and purposes, he is genuinely threatening in that he's sticking people to walls, planning to do god knows what to them. So, I think it counts.
  • In "Avast Ye Eds", Edd plays a steel stringed guitar perfectly...while reading a book...and playing the guitar with his feet!
  • In "Pain in the Ed", Eddy wants to smash Ed's violin because Ed's a Dreadful Musician, but Jimmy is watching with specific instructions to tell Sarah if it happens. Edd suggests Making It Look Like An Accident, so he set up an extremely elaborate Rube Goldberg Device that included the precise reactions of the kids of the cul-de-sac themselves as elements of it...and it worked perfectly, including the last little bit he added to save the violin.
  • Anytime he snaps. For example when, in "X Marks the Ed", he angrily kicks the kids out of his house because they were making fun of Eddy. And who can forget the scene between him and Sarah from "Is There an Ed in the House?"
    Edd: Why, you! If I catch your cold...I'll...I'll...Just give me five minutes with that germ spreading brat!
  • Despite being unintentional, Edd utterly DESTROYING three of the strongest characters in the entire series, simply through clumsiness, even breaking Rolf'skull.

    • To clarify, Edd, who has gone through a series of coincidences that make him look like a bully, had just gotten beaten up by Jimmy of all people and the Kankers come in to give him and the other Eds the kissing ending they usually get, until Eddy screams at the top of his lungs the quote above to get them to back off.
    • Adding onto the above moment:
    Eddy: Beat it!
    Kankers stand there stunned for a few beats, then they actually do!
    Ed: (in awe) Good one, Eddy.
    Eddy: Vultures!
    • He then gives Ed and Edd hot dogs after they've repaired their friendship, and starts munching on one himself. Basically, Eddy didn't just earn a happy ending. He forced it.
  • In "Ready, Set...Ed!", there's a scene that ends with both him and Kevin judo throwing each other with enough force to leave their imprints on the ground. Taking into account that every confrontation Eddy has with Kevin ends with him running away or receiving a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown from the latter, this is the closest thing to an equal fight that Eddy ever had with him as he is giving as much punishment as he's receiving.
  • In "Sir Ed-A-Lot", after being pushed to his limit playing "princess" with Sarah, he gives her a taste of her own medicine by proclaiming himself king and locking Sarah in her own "cage". Now Eddy has the chance to have the last laugh while Sarah goes stark raving mad, screaming like a madwoman.
  • It may have been profoundly stupid, but it said something about how damn durable Eddy is when he won't back down in competing with Rolf for the Hairy Chest of Resilience Badge in "The Good, the Bad, the Ed." He took a RIDICULOUS amount of damage in that episode and still wouldn't quit. Determinator, indeed.
  • A minor one, but Eddy manages to run so fast in "Don't Rain on My Ed" that he manages to cause the pavement to unravle beneath his feet like a carpet.
  • Just before the end of 'Ed, Ed and Away!', Eddy takes on Sarah and Jimmy for the balloon, and wins. Bearing in mind that Sarah can usually decimate all three Eds without effort, Eddy willingly vying for the balloon in a physical confrontation shows a certain level of determination beyond his usual self-preservation when Sarah is involved.
    • Another episode has Eddy once again fighting Sarah and Jimmy for Ed's seats to the Jawbreaker Factory. Though the fight is not seen, Eddy actually comes out with the seats and mocking Sarah and Jimmy, loudly calling them suckers. It's quite an impressive feat of strength and determination that he bested Sarah and Jimmy for their seats, even if his victory was in vain at the end.
  • From "Oath to an Ed": SHUT UP, SARAH!!!!

The Kids
  • Jimmy's Evil Plan in "If It Smells Like An Ed" and the fact that it goes off so least until Jimmy trips and falls at the end and begs Sarah to come help him up, instantly regressing back into his wussy self.
    • The fact that even Double D failed to figure it out until just before Jimmy revealed it certainly helps.
  • During the fight with Edd and Jimmy, after being pelted by one too many hotdogs from Eddy, Jimmy freaking EXPLODES!!!
  • In "Here's Mud In your Ed," when Jimmy teams up with Rolf to get revenge on Eddy after he cheated him out of his money. Very satisfying, considering how much Eddy is a jerk to him.
  • In "The Good, The Bad, And The Ed", Rolf risking life and limb to win the "Chest Hair of Resilience" badge.
  • Rolf in "Dueling Eds", duelling armed with a fish and beating his opponent to within an inch of his life.
  • Rolf again squirting lemon juice in his eyes just to kill Cupid's minions, in the Valentine's Day episode.
  • Jonny tearing up the Kankers' sail in "Avast Ye Eds".
    Jimmy: Just like Errol Flynn!
  • Jonny's rescue of Plank at the end of "Home Cooked Eds".
    Jonny: Scratch this.
  • Robbin Ed was one awesome episode all around, specifically for the debut of Captain Melonhead: Jonny's superhero alter ego.
  • The Kanker Sisters' Gambit Roulette in "Honor Thy Ed" to lure the Eds into a haunted house and exploiting their weaknesses to get them all together on a model train, which shuttles them to a secret room where the Kankers "marry" them. Special mention goes to Eddy boasting that they didn't force him to wear a ring, only to have Lee point out that he's been wearing his all along in the form of a door lock he's had stuck on his finger for most of the episode.
    Eddy: "...Man, they're good."
  • Sarah gets one in "Truth or Ed" when Nazz accuses Sarah of telling Bobby-Blabby a false story about her (which she didn't, Eddy made it up) and calls her "Monkey Face". Sarah's response?
    Sarah: WHAT'D YOU CALL ME?!
    (Sarah hits Nazz with a toilet, sending her crashing through the floor. Nazz then runs back up the stairs and throws a tissue box at Sarah, which simply bounces off.)
    Sarah: Nice try!
    (Sarah proceeds to SLAM A FREAKING CAR ON NAZZ!)
  • At the beginning of "For the Ed, by the Ed" the Kankers (who were torturing Jimmy) are defeated by... Plank!!
    • And of course, at the end, Plank is elected king of the cul-de-sac.
  • The few episodes where the kids and the Eds actually ban together to stop a much bigger force are just awesome:
    • "Boom Boom Out Goes the Ed", where the entire cul-de-sac faces a major black out. Ed, being the B-Movie/comic book fan that he is, declares that the the sudden power outage was caused by a pack of mole mutants that reside in the sewer. Of course, this causes a massive panic amongst the kids (sans Double D, Eddy, Kevin, and Rolf), but Jonny, of all people, hatches a plan to slay the mutants by flushing multiple toilets at once to flood the sewers. Everyone agrees to the plan, and they all work together to simultaneously flush their bathroom toilets, resulting in a sewer flood so huge, the sewage rockets out of the neighborhood manholes like geysers. Afterwards, the power is actually restored, and the kids cheer in victory. Obviously, there were no mole mutants to begin with, but the fact that everyone was willing to work together to resolve a common issue makes the episode all the more awesome.
    • "The Eds are Coming, The Eds are Coming", the CN-invaded special. When "aliens" seemingly threaten the cul-de-sac and capture Rolf as a result, the neighborhood bans together to form a full-on alien-fighting team (with Kevin as the leader and Double D as the brains), complete with a home base within Kevin's basement. The scene where all the kids prepare for battle is especially epic.
  • Whenever Eddy does something that completely merits whatever fate and/or beating he's handed, it's immensely satisfying to see him suffer for being such a huge jerk. One example in particular comes from "Cry Ed": after spending the afternoon trying to steal attention from an injury-prone Jimmy, Eddy winds up trapped in a hole with Kevin and Rolf, who are very unhappy with him landing on them while wearing a stove (It's a Long Story). Kevin's ready to pound, but Eddy claims that with his armor, he's invincible. Rolf immediately spots a weak spot in the stove and splits it open with a single punch, leaving Eddy defenseless to his ensuing pounding.
    Kevin: Pick a body part, Rolf.
    Rolf: I am quite partial to feet, Kevin.