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Haiku: Attack on Titan
On that day: Attack.
Mankind again knows terror;
and with it, their shame.

On that day: Attack!
Hear the bellow of vengeance;
Humanity's rage.

Now, no longer prey,
we shall become the hunter.
Devour the Titans!

Fantastic manga
A fantastic anime
But so many die

They have suffered so
I want the wicked to pay
Let it end in joy

You hated titans,
yet you transform into one.
What the hell, Eren?

It's a war movie.
Except it's an anime.
A good anime.

Red blood on white shirts.
Whoever does the laundry
is the real hero here

Levi does laundry.
Getting blood out of white pants
is extremely hard.

No longer top of
the food chain, humans are just
dinner to titans.

In its display of
great struggle and terror its
achieved excellence.

Behold the Titan
Cower, cry, bemoan your fate
For you are the food

Behold the human
Wipe your tears, strengthen your faith
They are the hunters

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