Growling Gut: Advertising

  • A commercial for the Burger King BBQ Bacon Tendercrisp has the stomachs of a few construction workers growl loudly, prompting them to yell "Shut up!" at their stomachs.
  • This happens to a teenage boy on a 1999 commercial for Tombstone Pizza. His stomach growls while he’s hiding in his girlfriend’s closet from her father, and the growl caused him to get caught.
  • This happens quite regularly on a lot of recent commercials for Special K Cereal.
  • This happened in a 1995 McDonald's commercial.
    Ronald: Ah, the great outdoors. Bees buzzing... tummies rumbling...
    • This happens to Ronald himself on another commercial where he and a kid are on a dinosaur hunt.
    • In a 2005 commercial advertising the Chicken Selects, it shows a montage of a guy who's stomach growls very loudly in the most inconvenient situations. His narrative claims that since he tried the Selects for the first time, his stomach demanded them.
  • A restaurant called Bojangles has a series of commercials featuring this trope, in which important events are interrupted by a growling stomach and the character's pronouncement that 'It's Bo-time!'
  • An old commercial for Chef Boyardee ravioli has a boy's stomach growling louder and louder as he rides his bike home from school.
  • There's a 1997 commercial for Austin Crackers which features a boy who's stomach is growling like crazy. The growls are indicated by a lion inside of him.
  • In a late 90's Slim Jim commercial, a girl takes a bite out of a Slim Jim, but the Slim Jim Man is not pleased with what else she has eaten and starts throwing stuff around. From the outside, the ruckus causes the girl's stomach to grumble.
  • This happens in a few Snickers commercials in the 80's.
  • There is a commercial for KFC where a dog gets confused by the growls from his owner's stomach and responds by growling and barking back at it.
  • There's several Lunchables commercials where a kid's stomach rumbles loudly and violently enough to have an earthquake-like effect on the kid's surroundings.
  • A commercial for Esurance has a man buying and eating gas station sushi. He gets to work and starts using his computer, as his stomach lets out an unpleasant moan.
  • There's a commercial with Timer The Cheese Guy where he talks about this trope in a PSA that advises people not to skip breakfast in the mornings.
  • In A Target Commercial for Kashi Bars, A Woman's Stomach Growls, Causing her Dog to Growl and Bark Back at It.
  • The Jack Link's Hangry Moments Ads have a person's stomach growl, then a wild animals pops out of their chest.
  • This Happens in A 2015 Commercial for Xifaxan.
  • This Happens to A Woman in A Mattress Firm Commercial for The Cooking Channel.
  • A Commercial for Nature Box, A woman is sitting at her desk when her stomach growls loudly. Suddenly "Hungry You" is across the desk.