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Funny: Who Wants to Be a Superhero?
  • Nearly any scene involving Major Victory (with a few definite exceptions).
    • One particular favorite came in the very first episode. The child actress playing the lost girl the heroes are meant to be helping makes a very visible WTF Face as Major Victory insists upon carrying her, Superman style, to the nearby police station.
    • He runs past a bunch of birds milling about, and as he does, points to them and grins in an overly cheesy fashion, all without stopping.
    • "Today, I am a wiener. Not a winner."
    • "I gave away my secret identity! I have a new name...Major Dumbass!"
    • "This guy is big and scary. He's a convicted felon. I have to give him a massage. I think I'm gonna die."
    • After the Crowning Moment of Heartwarming of him receiving a call from his estranged daughter, he looks up at Stan and jokingly asks if he can keep the phone that Stan provided for the call. Stan has a good laugh at that one.
    • "I know Major Victory can't keep his costume on. But Thong Man, now we haven't been introduced to that particular superhero."
      • Major Victory tells Dark Enforcer that he's going down for this. Dark Enforcer responds by waving a dollar in front of the screen.
  • Other sources of comedy in the first season:
  • Feedback's failure to impress the kids. At one point he says his favorite video game is pong, and one little girl says, in a talking head interview: "I've never heard of the game Pong. I think he made it up."
  • And in the second season:
    • Ms. Limelight, who is The Ditz to hilarious levels.
    • Mr. Mitzvah, during both challenges and eliminations.
    • Hyperstrike, a young and energetic Large Ham with acrobatic skills.
    • Parthenon, once he puts himself through Flanderization into Camp Gay.
    • Smug Snake Dr. Dark and his creation: "Evil Stan Lee".
    • I HAVE THE POWER TO THINK THAT I AM FLYING! OBSERVE! (Leaps forward and promptly falls flat on his face)

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