Funny / What's Opera, Doc?

  • The entire cartoon is one long funny Deconstruction of opera.
  • The horse Bugs rides when dressed in drag- as a subversion of the stereotypical "fat opera lady on a horse", skinny Bugs Bunny rides atop what may be the fattest horse in animation history.
  • Bugs Bunny doing what Bugs Bunny does best: dressing up as Elmer's love interest.
  • Elmer demonstrates the power of his "spear and magic helmet" to Bugs, who runs off. Then Elmer looks dumbstruck at the camera.
    Elmer: Dat was da wabbit!
  • After taunting him with long, silly rhyming songs up until then, Bugs' reaction to Elmer's demonstration of his helmet's ridiculously over-the-top power is just a flat "Bye!" as he runs off.