Funny / Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner

To list all of the CMOF in this series would extend this page alone to encyclopedic lengths because every single short is 7 minutes of funny moments. Here are some of the best:

  • "Operation: Rabbit", where he tried to chase Bugs Bunny — the rare cartoon where he had lines, and he turned out to be a Wicked Cultured Smug Snake with a massive superiority complex ("Wile E. Coyote.... Suuuuper Geniusssss!"). Naturally, this made his total annihilation even funnier than usual, culminating in an incident involving a shack full of nitroglycerin-filled carrots and an oncoming train.
    • It gets better; right before the train strikes his shack, he realizes what's happening, and quickly pulls down the window shade.
    • "Sorry, Mac, but the lady of the house ain't home, and besides, we mailed you people a check last week!"
    • Bugs' Aside Glance while Wile E. is introducing himself and boasting about how superior he is. You can practically hear Bugs saying "He don't know me very well, does he?"
    • Bugs pretending to give himself up and asking Wile E. to sign his will with what is clearly a lit stick of dynamite. Wile E. extinguishes the fuse and brags about how smart he is... not noticing the lit fuse at the other end until it's too late.
    • When romancing what he thinks is a beautiful woman (actually a dummy made out of TNT), Wile E. still can't help but work a self-glorifying compliment into his sweet nothings.
    Wile E.: Ahh my beautiful you are! How devastating! How lucky! For little did you dream that one day you would marry a genius!
  • "To Beep or Not to Beep". Catapults that fail in ways that break the laws of physics.
    • A bridge contracts as the Road Runner passes over it. Only one of the uprooted cactus plants fails to clear the bridge. The Coyote, of course, falls into the chasm underneath the bridge. The cactus follows, and guess where it lands. Cue the Pain-Powered Leap and Eat the Camera scream.
      • Put the two together, and what do you get? "Hare Breadth Hurry", a Road-Runner cartoon where Bugs Bunny fills in for our favorite speedster. What follows is a hilarious mix of both kinds of cartoon.
  • "Zoom and Bored", where Wile E Coyote had built an enormously complicated contraption to drop a bomb onto the Roadrunner. They spend about three minutes just panning up the thing. When we finally get to Wile E Coyote at the top, he lights the bomb... and it instantly blows up in his face.
    • Chuck Jones's daughter Linda stated once that this is her absolute favorite gag from the Road Runner series.
    • On the Bugs Bunny at the Symphony album, at that gag, the audience is pretty much howling with laughter.
    • Also the very end. Wile E. Coyote is catching his wheezing breath on the clifftop after getting dragged through the desert and then hit by a train. Enter Roadrunner, who displays a sign reading "I just don't have the heart".
  • A similarly CMOF contraption showed up in the finale of "Hook, Line and Stinker", and ended up pounding Coyote into the ground with his own cannonball.
    • This was referenced in Ian Frazier's short story, Coyote v. Acme. Which would be a Crowning Moment of Funny if it weren't just the plaintiff's opening statement of a civil suit against Acme...
  • In "Stop, Look, and Hasten!", Wile E. builds a Burmese Tiger Trap-which catches a Burmese Tiger.(''Suprisibus! Suprisubus!'')
    • The sign Wile E. holds up when he sees he is about to be clobbered by a speeding train:
  • A taut cable from the top of a bluff to the road below, and a helmet with a caster bolted on top...
  • A hot air balloon with a garbage wagon gondola with an anvil tied on...and no consideration of what would happen when the anvil was released...
  • Let's not forget the scene where Coyote is so relieved at just having avoided falling off a cliff, that he strides off in the opposite direction... you guessed it... straight over another cliff.
    • This happens right after the famous Earthquake Pills gag mentioned below - which Wile E. somehow makes it through (destroying multiple rock formations as well as creating a cliff that he barely avoids not going over) without being the worse for wear. It's the juxtaposition of the two that makes the moment where he walks off cliff #2 out of his own stupidity laugh-out-loud hilarious.
  • Coyote gets into a hot air balloon with well over a dozen dynamite darts. Said darts are released and proceed to torment the Coyote for the rest of the short, including, but not limited to, blowing up the previously mentioned balloon right off the bat, blowing up the Coyote's parachute for when the balloon failed not ten seconds later, plugging the Coyote's rifle, and breaking a skinny cliff.
  • The chase Wile E. and Roadrunner have in an underground mine. They're represented from afar as two dots, one of which is pursuing the other. The two dots go hell for leather around the mine, so fast that at first even the viewers barely realise when the actual chase stops. It stops because Roadrunner has stepped into another passage just out of sight, leaving the Coyote to run madly round and round the same square mine passage wondering where the hell he's gone. This goes on long enough for the audience to figure it out and laugh themselves stupid. And the way Wile E. comes screeching to a halt when he spots Roadrunner's hiding place is priceless.
    • Later, the Coyote goes down a tunnel zigzagging up and down, and keeps bouncing off the ceiling and floor when it straightens out, knocking out his helmet light at the end. In order to see where he's going, he lights a match... and it turns out he was in a dynamite storage room. The resulting explosion causes a cluster of cacti above to rearrange themselves to spell out "YIPE!"
  • At the very end of "Soup or Sonic", the Coyote chases the Roadrunner through a pipe that gets smaller and smaller, until they come out the other end, only a few inches tall. So they go back through the pipe... but only the Roadrunner returns to regular size. The tiny Coyote triumphantly throws both arms around the Roadrunner's ankle, pulls out knife and fork, looks up at the Roadrunner now towering over him... After a moment of stunned indecision, he holds up signs reading, "Okay, wise guys, you always wanted me to catch him — now what do I do?"
  • Gotta love incidents where there's...more than a little play in the fuses. From the Coyote striking a match, lighting the fuse, and the fuse burns down completely before he can turn around, making the device explode, or him touching the flame to the fuse and the explosives goes off right then and there, period.
  • One short has Wile E. buy an industrial strength rubber band and construct a slingshot, in the hope that it will give him enough speed to catch the Roadrunner. Roadrunner runs by, Wile E. cuts the line and releases the rubber band, and... nothing happens. It stay taut, much to his confusion, so he gets out from the rubber band and checks to see what's wrong, including sticking his head into the rubber band to see if there's anything beneath it that has it snagged. Then the rubber band decides to release, slamming Coyote into the ground a few yards away.
  • The ending of "Scrambled Aches"; Wile E. builds a giant steamroller, but it rolls away from him. The out of control steamroller chases the Road Runner into a detour ("In case of steamroller, use detour!"), which the Road Runner runs into...right into a cannon. Wile E. jumps behind it and lights the fuse, but the cannon doesn't fire, so Wile E. looks into it. He sees a headlight accompanied by a train whistle. Wile E. looks up confused, then figures it's the Roadrunner playing a joke and looks again. Suddenly, the Road Runner comes flying out on top of the cannon ball, and just when you think it's over, suddenly the steamroller appears, running towards Wile E. The fact that the steamroller is GONE for a good chunk of this plan, and then just shows up at the end out of the blue, is pretty much the funniest thing ever.
  • "There They Go-Go-Go!" The Coyote is rolling what looks like a covered wagon wheel, complete with spokes of dynamite, toward a slope. He lights all eight dynamite sticks and launches the wheel... and off goes the wheel, but not the dynamite. Kaboom.
  • The Brick Joke involving the exploding water stand in "Beep Beep". The hilarious This Is Gonna Suck face Wile E. gives the audience is what sells it.
  • The earthquake pills bit in "Hopalong Casualty". Also one of the longest gags in the series.
    • Especially hilarious is the Wild Take he makes when he suddenly notices the "Doesn't work on roadrunners" disclaimer on the bottle.
  • "Whoa, Be-Gone!" features quite possibly the Coyote's most ridiculous plan ever: riding down several hundred feet of metal via a single wheel screwed into a helmet... while facing backwards... and upside-down. It takes forever for him to get balanced on the cable, and the moment he finally does, the cable snaps (of course) under his weight and sends him plummeting into the abyss. (And then to add insult to injury, the snapped cable falls on some electrical wires...)
  • A bit of Fridge Humour from "Whoa Be Gone!": Wile E. gets himself "One (1) Giant Rubber Band (For Tripping Road-Runners)"...meaning someone took the time to conceive this very specific item, test it, and succeed. In other words, Wile E.'s not the only one in the Looney Tunes universe who's trying to catch road runners (although he might be the only one who fails on such a consistent basis)!
  • For anyone asking why Wile E. doesn't simply get a gun and shoot the Road Runner, "Gee Whiz-z-z-z-z-z" answers that question: the Road Runner would simply outrun the bullet, which then apparently gives up in confusion and falls to the ground. Wile E., annoyed, picks it up the bullet and it of course explodes in his face.