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Funny: Watch It
  • Pretty much all of the "Watch it!" jokes, especially:
    • What Rick and Danny do to John's car.
    • When Danny thinks he's under investigation for possessing stolen cars, only to find out John was behind the whole thing.
  • Anne comes across Danny, who's incredibly hungover, with his head in an air vent, saying this is how his father used to try to get over hangovers. He admits it doesn't really work, but he's a stickler for tradition.
  • John takes Anne on their first date to Comiskey Park, and does the guy thing about assuming he knows more about sports in general and baseball in particular than she does. Except she's the one who guesses who's pitching for the White Sox, and is able to use facts to back it up. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Awesome.
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