Funny / Waitress

  • Jenna and Jim's montage of sexcapades, made funnier by the overlay of "Short Skirt, Long Jacket" by Cake.
  • "Un-congratulations." "Un-thank you."
  • Dr. Pomatter is a wealth of hilarity, particularly because of the following:
    Jim: (stands, goes the door) I have to go deliver a baby. (Beat) Because that's what I do. (opens the door) I wish it were Friday. (walks out)
    • And the scene immediately following of Jenna with a truly amazing "WTF?!" expression that lasts for two days and gradually morphs into a beaming smile.
  • "Dear first, it was really just about the sex."
  • Any time Jenna invents a pie.
    • "I can't have no affair because it's wrong and I don't want Earl to kill me" pie.
  • Upon discovering that Cal is sleeping with Becky:
    Jenna: "An accident? Dropping a tray is an accident. Cal didn't trip into your vajayjay!"
  • While giving birth, Jenna has very definite opinions on how this is going to go.
    Jenna: "I just want to make sure one thing's clear." (grabs Dr. Pomatter by the collar) "I want drugs. I want the maximum legal dose of drugs."
  • Dr. Pomatter offers to drive Jenna to work. Jenna says "No!" and immediately follows it up with "Yes!"