Funny / Waking Ned Devine

  • The opening narration:
    Narrator: Lucky sods!
  • When Jackie tells his wife that Michael is impersonating Ned Devine:
    Annie: He's never told a lie in his life!
    Jackie: [grinning] Well, he's makin' up for it now, so.
  • Maggie's opinion of her own gift card greeting lines versus Finn's:
    Finn: That's poetry, Maggie.
    Maggie: It's bollocks!
  • Liz Quinn's untimely end.
  • Jackie making Annie think he's won the lottery just so she'll bring him some pie.
    Annie: Have we won?
    Jackie: No...but it got me apple tart brought in, now, didn't it?
  • When the priest wonders what the villagers will do with their winnings, Maurice confidently predicts it'll all be spent down at Fitzgerald's. The priest is incredulous at the thought of seven million pounds going into the pub. Cut to the scrum at the bar...
    [Everyone begins clamoring to pay the tab]