Funny / User Friendly

  • The Chief challenging the sales guys to pronounce "ethical".
  • Poor, poor Erwin. Being an AI, his program has migrated to so many machines, that it became a Running Gag for a while. Some of these include —
    • An old HP calculator with Reverse Polish Notation. note 
    • The computer system on the Mir space station, a Coleco Adam. While he was there, he was called Mirwin.
    • A Tomagachi.
    • A first generation Furby.
    • And finally an SGI O2 Workstation, but not before being booted out of it once by Stef. Somewhat justified considering Stef's machine at the time caused Office 97 to have a low framerate.
  • Clippy unintentionally threatening Dust Puppy's very existence. "If you're not in my dictionary you're not in my universe. What would you like to be replaced with?".