Funny / Unequally Rational And Emotional

In a series so long, there are a lot of funny bits, and this is just a few of them:

  • There's the part in chapter 5 where they are discussing who could have possibly attacked (and drained the blood of) Misora. After Haruna finishes with her theory about Chupacabras, this happens:
    Zazie, for once, seemed to look at the others for a moment then. That, on itself, made them to look back at her in turn, suddenly silenced by the lazy stare of those strange golden eyes. Their shock only grew when the dark skinned girl opened her mouth and spoke a single, softly pronounced word.


  • The following dialogue during the Library Island arc:
    Chisame: "Don't even joke about that! We can't spend the rest of our lives marooned here! Hell, we can't even survive for more than a few days here! Our meals won't last that long!"
    Yue: "Oh, don't panic. A little excavation and rappelling like that is old hat for Library Club member. Who do you think they finally really called to get out those Chilean miners? We just have to wait. It's not like we'll run out of food."
    Ku Fei: "Is true! We have enough to eat for a lifetime-aru! Good sport! Birds! Eggs! Roots and wild fruits! Fish!"
    Kaede: "I think I saw a few bunnies hopping between the grass too..."
    Yue: "Actually, I was talking about that vending machine full of food and soda next to the toilets."