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Funny: Twice Upon a Time
  • Synonamess Botch's "inspiring" speech to his vultures near the start of the movie:
    Botch: I just wanna say a few words to you scumbags before you deliver those nightmares. I know some of you have girlfriends and old ladies, and all that kind of crap, and you're probably expecting to get into their feathers tonight! Well, let me just say... tough shit! And for you jerk-offs who think you can hang around here on your fat asses, I have one last thing to say... go suck an egg!
  • Mumford vs. the computer in the Garbagery. "Please do not press my buttons."
  • Rod Rescueman introduces himself to the Fairy Godmother.
    FGM: And who are you?
    Rod: Rod Rescueman.
    FGM: And what does that tell me?
    Rod: My name!
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