Funny: Trying Human

  • "We need to start locking him in his room..."
  • "...Though I may not always have done it right."
  • Rose and EBE1 snarking at each other when she's not being horrified by the experiments he runs on his species and hers.
  • Quazky getting a Trying Human circuit for Hue and claiming that he (Hue) won't fail because the "master love machine" has taken him under his wing. Gracelis responds with a hilarious "Who? EBE1?" and blows smoke in Quazky's face. Quazky is naturally very annoyed and retorts "NO! ME!"
  • After Shade gets her TH circuit, Quazky, of course, makes a comment like this "That's a GILF! A Grey I'd like to-" Followed by both Rose and Hue exclaiming "QUAZKY!"
  • Related to Tone and Shade's Trying Human circuits, just...Tone's human form. He makes anime hair look tame.
  • This Troper honestly thinks every incident with Glasner getting pwned by EBE1 hilarious. She hates Glasner passionately.
  • Not exactly in the comics (yet?) but a scene on Emy's Dev Art with Quazky taunting Pigment, a pink female Grey, about her being sad and missing the human she loves, FJ12. She responds by telepathically smashing Quazky into the floor.
  • Mum. Especially Hue and EBE1's comments about them being about as smart as stumps or having no mind.
    • Rose says that Hue must be used to being around the mindless and gestures toward Quazky, prompting yet another amusing Quazky outburst.
  • Let us just sum it all up with ALMOST EVERY SCENE QUAZKY IS IN!
  • Quazky giving Hue a Playhouse magazine in chapter two... Followed by Hue's reaction to seeing a centerfold after pointing out he sees naked women everyday.