Funny / Transformers Prime The Game

  • Megatron nonchalantly using Starscream as a Human Shield when Thunderwing fires his cannon at the Decepticon leader.
  • Megatron and Knockout discuss the newly discoverd Thunderwings' condition.
    Knockout: Once we pull him out of that meteorite I'm afraid he's going to look like a puzzle with pieces missing.
  • While he and Optimus are trying to spy on Megatron and Starscream. Bulkhead accidentally gives away there location in a fit of anger. Optimus actually takes a second to do a Face Palm in exasperation.
  • After Bumblebee and Knockout's fight atop the Nemesis, the next cutscene has Knockout try to tackle Bumblebee in a fit of rage. Only for Bee to dodge out of the way... and watch as Knockout plummets to the earth below.