Funny / The Whole Nine Yards

  • Oz enters his hotel room and finds Frankie waiting for him. When Frankie asks about Jimmy, Oz denies knowledge and Frankie apologizes about the confusion and starts to leave... only to sucker punch Oz in the gut. Then, as Oz is being help up by him, Frankie asks again. Cue a couple more gut shots before Oz finally agrees to go talk to Janni.
    Oz: Do you mind if I piss a little blood first?
    Frankie: Please, by all means.
    Oz: Thanks.
  • After a call from Jimmy, who casually lets Oz know that he knows he's down ratting Jimmy out to Janni, Oz calmly walks into the bathroom and lowers to his knees to vomit in the toilet.
    • Which shortly becomes a Brick Joke when Cynthia arrives to see him and can tell he's vomited recently when she gets too close to him, and they agree he should go gargle.
  • Oz entering the hotel room with Frankie only to see Jimmy, try to run out, bounce off Frankie, fall over behind a couch and smash a lamp.
  • Oz deciding he's had enough of Jimmy and Jill's conversation and trying to make a stand and leave.
  • When Jimmy, Oz, and Frankie are on the boat, and Jimmy shoots Frankie with no warning.
    Oz: What the hell did you do that for!?
    Jimmy: Well, I had to shoot one of you. [casually tosses gun over the side]
    Oz: In that case you definitely made the right choice.
  • Oz's wife doing a terrible job of explaining to the police how she was caught in a sting op hiring a cop to assassinate her husband. And Oz watching and not giving a shit.
    Oz: This would be sad if it wasn't so pathetic.

  • The second film doesn't have as many, but this is gold.
    [Julie, Oz's receptionist, jumps Jimmy and chloroforms him]
    Oz: Who are you!?
    Julie: Jules. Jules Figueroa. Ring any bells?
    Oz: Frankie Figs?
    Julie: Yeah. Frankie Figs. He was my brother, and I'm pretty sure you knew him.
    Oz: (beat) ...Okay, I'll take that chloroform now.
    Julie: Yeah, I know you will! [she gasses him]