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Funny: The Wall
  • In the album version of "Nobody Home", the television in the background is airing an episode from Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.. When Pyle delivers his famous catchphrase "Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!", Waters (as Pink) immediately follows it up with the line, "There's still nobody home".
  • 'Go on, Judge, SHIT ON HIM!'
    • In the album, when Judge Arse declares, "Fills me with the urge to DEFECATE!", someone (Pink?) screams, "No!!! Don't do it!" In the film, Doll!Pink wears an expression of horror.
  • The DVD Commentary by Roger Waters and Gerald Scarfe is a fountain of these:
    • During the animation of the flowers in the song "What Shall We Do Now?":
    Waters: What are those flowers, doing Gerald?
    Waters: That one's turned into a carrot!
    • During "Is There Anybody Out There?", while Pink frantically tries to escape the wall, Roger "narrates" Pink's thoughts with an Irish accent. He even throws in references to The Troubles!
  • In the film, Pink's manager's reaction upon seeing his wrecked hotel room just before "Comfortably Numb" starts:

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