Heartwarming / The Wall

  • The footage of soldiers being reunited with their children during "Vera" in the solo version of the live show.
  • At the beginning of "Goodbye Blue Sky", a dove is messily torn apart from inside out by a "bomber bird". At the end of the video, the bomber bird dies. What flies out of the wreckage at the end? A dove.
  • Roger Waters in "Outside the Wall", as he thanks the friends who haven't given up on him yet, and apologizes to those who couldn't deal with him and his shit anymore (those who "stagger and fall").
    • Also, the Framing Device of Roger visiting the graves of his grandfather (who was killed in World War I without ever seeing his son) and his father (who was killed in World War II without ever seeing his son) for the first time, and showing them what he did with his life: He played music. Specifically, "Outside the Wall". Considering how much of The Wall came out of that pain, it's a very moving way to come full circle.