Funny: The Saboteur

  • "Luck's a lady... apparently she's a bit of a slut where I'm concerned."
    • Half of what Sean says could count as this, and especially Dr. Kwong's missions.
    • Leaping off the top of the Eiffel Tower and hearing Sean yelp like a girl is always laugh-worthy.
    • Unintentionally invoked: When entering a hiding spot, Sean speaks one of several stock phrases, which can have unintentionally hilarious consequences, especially when the hiding spot is a 'Kiss The Girl' type.
    "Down the hatch, as they say!"
    • The descriptions for the weapons, cars and perks. I mean, how often does one get to compare the MP-40 to a hooker?
  • "Devlin! How are we supposed to martyr you when you won't stay dead?"
  • "Let's see how proud you are...with my fucking boot up your arse!"
  • "Nothing to see here. Nope. Nobody special. Ignore the mick with the bomb."