Funny / The Saboteur

  • "Luck's a lady... apparently she's a bit of a slut where I'm concerned."
    • Half of what Sean says could count as this, and especially Dr. Kwong's missions.
      • To elucidate, Dr. Kwong is a clinical psychiatrist. Sean somehow has this confused with "cross-dresser". Throughout the missions, Sean holds on to this perception (or is perhaps just yanking his chain, though his tone of voice doesn't seem to match that interpretation), making reference to it at least once every time they have a conversation. Small wonder the last thing Dr. Kwong says to Sean is a defeated:
    Dr. Kwong: You may leave now, Mr. Devlin...
    • Leaping off the top of the Eiffel Tower and hearing Sean yelp like a girl is always laugh-worthy.
    • Unintentionally invoked: When entering a hiding spot, Sean speaks one of several stock phrases, which can have unintentionally hilarious consequences, especially when the hiding spot is a 'Kiss The Girl' type.
    "Down the hatch, as they say!"
    • The descriptions for the weapons, cars and perks. I mean, how often does one get to compare the MP-40 to a hooker?
  • "Devlin! How are we supposed to martyr you when you won't stay dead?"
  • "Let's see how proud you are...with my fucking boot up your arse!"
  • "Nothing to see here. Nope. Nobody special. Ignore the mick with the bomb."
  • Attack the cows. Punch them to death, for example; they won't react until they fall apart. Shoot them? Run into them? Plant explosives on them? All legitimate ways of turning cows into piles of parts. As Sean and Skyler say during one of the missions:
    Sean: How do you like your steak?
    Skyler: Bloody, of course.