YMMV / The Saboteur

  • Complete Monster: SS-Commandant Colonel Kurt Dierker is responsible for all of the bad events in the game. Specifically, he tortures Sean's best friend, then shoots him multiple times in the head while Sean watches, and gleefully talks about the things he learned from his father, a butcher, while fondly caressing various implements of torture. Other characters mention that Dierker is known to skin his victims after he's done torturing them. At the end of the game, after Sean has helped destroy the Nazi leadership in Paris and destroyed the Doppelseig factory, he finally tracks down Dierker at the Eiffel Tower, where Dierker has been executing his subordinate officers for failing him and forcing others to commit suicide.
  • Game-Breaker: The third sabotage perk, with which planting bombs while in disguise is not considered suspicious by the guards. It's also very easy if rather tedious to acquire, but at least it can only be acquired late in the game. Once you have it, you can drop a bundle of dynamite sticks two meters from a Nazi, light the fuse and leg it, and he'll just stand there and stare at it until it blows up in his face.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: You know how there are people who say that The Saboteur is Assassin's Creed set during WW2? While the given reason could be that all the major players were Templars, this game could pretty much BE the much requested AC: WW2 game that's not going to be made.
    • Now just imagine that the mission Sean gets sending him sneaking into a French crypt to retrieve a mysterious glowing treasure from the Nazis is just Sean, all unwitting, recovering Napoleon's apple.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • The whole of the Eiffel Tower before the final boss. Seeing pretty much everyone dead or driven mad by Dierker's losing what was left of his sanity.
    • Escaping Doppelsieg after Jules is killed and seeing a man on a medical table screaming. This place is supposed to be a motor works!
    • The Terror Squad, giant gasmasked super soldiers with immensely overpowered weapons. Towards the endgame, you'll see them a lot in areas still under Nazi control, sometimes only seeing a flash of their armbands or gas mask lenses before they tear you to shreds in seconds with a machinegun, shotgun or flamethrower - choose your poison. To make matters worse, their voices are incredibly distorted (think of the Zombine from Half-Life 2), making them sound like an alien monster rather than a human.
  • Player Punch: Over half of the cast dies when the Catacombs are attacked in the endgame.
  • Rated M for Money: The game is rated M; however, as a bonus, if the game is bought new (instead of used), the player gets free Downloadable Content which makes the various strippers in-game topless, opens a special room so you can get lap dances, and brothels as safe houses during alarms.
  • Sidetracked by the Gold Saucer: Going around Paris and the surrounding countryside to destroy the Nazis' equipment and infrastructure will probably cause you to forget who some of the characters are by the time you get around to resuming the storyline missions. There's that much stuff to blow up. Though at least you're in theory doing the job you're supposed to be doing while focused on that, and it makes sense for you to do it in-character. The racing achievements? Not so much.
  • That One Level: The 1st freeplay race, 'On Your Marks...Get Set...' has you race through the streets of Paris with a unforgiving time limit, lots of traffic, and German checkpoints. It is possibly the hardest mission in the game. Since it is necessary to unlock the other freeplay races and 4 perks, players either have to make do without those very useful perks or grit their teeth and try to complete the race.