Funny / The Royal Tenenbaums

  • "Wildcat... wild... cat... pow..."
  • "Oh, Eli just crashed his car into the building..."
  • Eli's rather understated reaction to the crash, "...has anyone seen my shoe?" It should also be noted he is wearing rather evocative "warpaint" all over his face. For a wedding. Eli's descent into serious drug addiction is at once as tragic as it is darkly hilarious.
  • Royal and Henry, two "old grizzly bears" just about getting ready to throw down in the kitchen, then calmly pretending as if nothing has happened.
  • "Are you even listening to me?!" "YES, I AM!"
    • Followed by Chas just leaving after being reprimanded by Royal for not getting over his wife's death, turning off the light and leaving him there. Royal turns the light back on, and stands around poking his cane on the floor until he finds his plaque with the boar head on it, which Richie puts back on the wall later in the film.
  • Royal telling Ari and Uzi that dedicated manservant Pagoda once saved his life, carrying him to a hospital after Royal had been stabbed.
    Ari: Who stabbed you?
    Royal: He did. There was a contract on my life. Stabbed me right in the gut with a shiv.
  • Raleigh not caring at all about Margot's promiscuous past, only that she smokes.
  • Meta: There is now a plaque up at Forest Hills Stadium (where the tennis scenes were shot) "commemorating" Richie's on-court breakdown.