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Funny: The Royal Tenenbaums
  • Funny Moments: "Wildcat... wild... cat... pow..."
    • "Oh, Eli just crashed his car into the building..."
    • Eli's rather understated reaction to the crash, "...has anyone seen my shoe?" It should also be noted he is wearing rather evocative "warpaint" all over his face. For a wedding. Eli's descent into serious drug addiction is at once as tragic as it is darkly hilarious.
    • Royal and Henry, two "old grizzly bears" just about getting ready to throw down in the kitchen, then calmly pretending as if nothing has happened.
    • Royal telling Ari and Uzi that dedicated manservant Pagoda once saved his life, carrying him to a hospital after Royal had been stabbed.
    Ari: Who stabbed you?
    Royal: He did. There was a contract on my life. Stabbed me right in the gut with that shit.
    • Raleigh not caring at all about Margot's promiscuous past, only that she smokes.
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