Heartwarming / The Royal Tenenbaums

  • Near the beginning, when Margot gets off the bus to meet Richie, and Nico's ''These Days'' starts playing...
  • Also,
    Chas: I've had a rough year, dad.
    Royal: I know you have, son.
  • Similar to that, when Chas has a bit of a bonding moment with soon-to-be-stepfather Henry:
    Chas: You were married before?
    Henry: Yes, I'm a widower.
    Chas: Oh... Y'know, I'm a widower myself.
    Henry: [placing a hand on his shoulder] I know you are, Chas.
  • And the scene where "Lullabye" plays. * Sigh*
  • As well the inscription on Royal's tombstone.