Funny: The Princess Diaries

  • Charlotte is full of little funny moments in the first movie.
    • When Clarisse is trying to explain posture to Mia, behind her back Mia is making funny faces. Charlotte keeps laughing and tries to hide it whenever Clarisse looks at her.
    • Clarisse explains that Princesses never cross their legs in public. Charlotte quickly uncrosses her legs.
    • Her reaction to Mia's "I want to show you my baby." (Mia is talking about her car.)
  • In the first movie whenever Mia steps on the lawn at the embassy, a pre-recorded announcement says "Get off the grass!" - and then yells the same thing in several different languages.
  • Heather Matarazzo's delivery of "Has your grandmother turned into the big bad wolf?!"
  • Mia shows up to the grand ball in casual clothes from the rain. As a journalist from a teen magazine starts getting excited, Lily turns to Jeremiah (the two of them have cleaned up well) and says "why didn't we dress like her? We look like idiots"
  • The art of the fan scene in the second movie. That is all.
  • Mia's reaction to finding out who Nicholas really is. No Armour-Piercing Slap, no Groin Attack, instead a well placed stomp to the foot. Later on Clarisse gives her opinion.
    "As your Queen I simply cannot condone it. As your grandmother I say 'right on'"
  • Mia just fell in the fountain in the palace gardens and walks up to Clarisse soaking wet. Clarisse looks her up and down and simply says "Do I want to know?"
  • Car t-bones San Francisco trolley. Nun (yes, a nun) whips out her cell phone, dials 911, gets put on hold, and lets out an exasperated, "Oh, for the love of God!" It must be seen to be believed.
  • After she treads on Nicholas' foot in the second film, Mia turns away with a "hmph" that would put Miss Piggy to shame.
  • After Mia eats a huge scoop of Genovian palate cleanser and the prime minister and his wife follow suit, the baron tells his wife "They are acting like monkeys." Cue Mia, the prime minister, and his wife actually acting like monkeys.