Funny / The Pendragon Adventure

  • This moment from The Never War:
    Spader: What exactly is a French before it's fried?
    Bobby: White vegetable, cut in strips, fried in grease. Stop talking. I'm trying to focus.
  • Bobby's reaction to the fact that First Earth is in 1937.
  • Bobby preparing to meet Aja in person for the first time and wondering what the people of her territory are like. Since he's only seen her as a Huge Holographic Head, he wonders if the people of Veelox are floating heads, or giants. After noticing that there are no clothes by the flume, he also becomes concerned whether they go naked.
    "Over here!"
    I spun to see a welcome sight. Standing on a street corner not far away was Aja Killian. The real deal. I was relieved to see she had a body to go with the head. Better still, she was normal size. Still better, she was wearing clothes. Phew.
  • The entire second chapter of Black Water, especially Mark's reaction to Andy being invited to join the SciClops and Mark's brain almost shutting down out of disbelief during the meeting itself.
  • The fact that even Bobby can't understand what Kurt Cobain was singing in "Smells Like Teen Spirit", and passes the time on a boat trip by making up new lyrics.