Fridge / The Pendragon Adventure

Fridge Brilliance
  • The Big Bad of the ninth book, Raven Rise, is named Alexander Naymeer. Why does his last name sounds so weird? It's "name here"! He was raised in an orphanage! - Kilroy Was Here

Fridge Horror
  • In the tenth book, Press reveals that in all of Halla, there are seven worlds on which intelligent life has evolved. This becomes very grim when you remember that Halla is everything that is, has been, or will be, meaning that there are only seven worlds with intelligent life in all of eternity. What happens when they're gone? This is why a sense of scale is so important.
  • Also in The Soldiers of Halla, the ending. Press says everyone must stay on their current worlds, and the Travelers must Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence. Bobby expresses regret that he wasn't able to live a normal life, and Press thinks about it... When suddenly, the Reset Button is pressed, despite directly contradicting the last dozen pages. Bobby has apparently lived a very wholesome and enjoyable life back on Earth where he was never a Traveler and married Courtney. Sounds an awful lot like a Lifelight simulation, doesn't it...