Funny: The Lost Fleet

  • Geary's description, in a conversation with Captain Duellos, of his arrival with Captain Desjani to meet her parents ... while trying to dodge the media and government big noises. As Duellos put it, "I've seen movies like this." They probably starred someone comparable to Leslie Nielsen or Eddie Murphy.
    "We made it to the high-rise where Tanya's parents lived, and it was one of those secured-access places, so we jumped out of the car, ran up to the access panel, and Tanya pounded on it, yelling, 'They changed the access code! Mom, Dad, let us in!'"
  • The ending of Victorious becomes subtly humorous when you realize that it's basically the classic Rom Com ending transposed into The Lost Fleet series. Love interest leaving main character behind? Check. Mad dash through crowds and security to make it to her terminal in time? Check. Anguished declaration of love? Check. On the spot marriage proposal? Check. Fortunately, it doesn't come off as terribly silly as it might, given that it's all justified in-universe. Which, frankly, makes it funnier.
  • Geary breaking new ground in masculine cluelessness as he wonders why suddenly his love-interest cum political advisor and his female flag captain can't stand each other. It can't have anything to do with him!
  • Rione on an obstructive fleet captain: "Numos is so dense that I'm surprised he doesn't have his own event horizon."
  • Geary to a ship trying bull another aside: "Audacious, be advised that if you are attempting to mate with Resolution, you might try buying her a few drinks first." When they sheepishly move back into position, the response is "''Resolution wishes to report that her virtue is unharmed."
  • In Invincible, negotiations with the spider-wolves get confusing when the aliens start demanding a "Universal fixing substance." None of the higher-ups have any idea what this is referring to, but in a moment of brilliance, Geary gathers the chiefs together and asks them. The unanimous response? Duct tape.
  • "Admiral, would you please stop discovering new alien species."
  • Captain Badaya's glee at having foiled Fleet Headquarters gambit to incite the fleet into a coup'detat - specifically, which he did by obeying orders and not acting like a loose cannon.