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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
The Lost Fleet
The Syndics gifts in the first book were real
  • The reason the merchant shuttles were staffed with sailors was because the merchants had refused to do it. The ships weren't booby-trapped, and Geary made a mistake when he demanded gifts from the Syndics and then refused to accept them because he was paranoid. The sailors posing as merchants thought it was a suicide mission since they expected the Alliance to take them prisoner, and then deal with them the way they used to do.
    • Have to re-read it, but didn't the ships go to full acceleration when the Alliance tried to brake via remote control? And then they simply changed the course to aim the ships back at the Syndics?

The unforgivable thing mentioned under noodle incident was a zombie/reanimation program
  • Think about it. The Alliance worships their ancestors, and to reanimate corpses to fight would probably count as sacrilege. Reanimating a human with memories and personality and all would mean stealing their souls back from the Living Stars, and reanimating them as a non-conscious zombie is at its best disrespectful towards the person that once inhabited the body in question.
    • Alternatively, they invented brain uploading, preventing the soul from ever reaching its ancestors.
Dancer/Human Relations
  • I suspect in the space of a single generation both parties are going to become so accustomed to the others' looks that the young are going to be astonished that their elders once thought each other hideous.
    • Likewise with their different ways of thinking. Humans will do their best to think in patterns and Dancers the same for binary thinking. Also, considering how humanity usually behaves, imitating the Dancers' clothing and customs (once we learn more about them) will become a fad.
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