Funny / The Losers

  • "That's right, bitches! I got a crossbow!"
  • "I'm the black MacGyver — BlaGyver!"
  • "You call me Legless Pooch again, and you'll be Headless Jensen."
    • "I like Headless Jensen! It makes me sound like a pirate."
  • "Is today just Stupid Question Day and nobody told me?"
  • The scene in the van where Pooch makes Clay and Roque apologize to each other.
    Pooch: Don't you two feel so much better?
    Clay and Roque: No.
  • The entire scene involving Jensen infiltrating the office building.
  • "Her gun! It's pointed at my dick!"
  • Pretty much ANYTHING that comes out of Jensen's mouth is a hoot.
  • "Ready to take a giant step for...guys who steal stuff I guess."
  • 'What the hell was that? That was a 'hit him in the face' nod, not a 'throw him off the roof' nod.' Max is an evil bastard, but damn if he isn't hilarious.
  • Max: Do you have any fours? Scientist: Go fish? Max (looks at his hand, revealing he has several fours): Well, actually no, you have several fours here. You don't actually know how to play this game do you?
  • Max getting mugged at the end. It makes it better just how nonchalantly he takes it.
  • This exchange during the final confrontation between Clay & Max:
    Max: "So, since you can't shoot me..."
    Clay: * shoots Max in the shoulder *
  • Or this exchange:
    Roque: If anything smells like a trap, I get to put a bullet in your skull. Does that sound fair?
    Aiyisha: That sounds like fun.
    Jensen: Sounds like my parents.