Funny / The Long Halloween

  • The Joker is a goldmine of these during his limited time in the series. There's his first appearance in the Christmas issue - stealing a family's Christmas presents, while quoting the Grinch, no less.
  • A minor one, but Catwoman - when grabbed by an Ivy-controlled Bruce Wayne - actually lets out a, "Mrow!" of surprise.
  • Calendar Man and Holiday's holiday-themed têteàtête near the end.
  • Batman and Harvey Dent themselves in the warehouse full to the roof of money that Falcone couldn't launder:
    Harvey: "Oh boy. You know... If we were two other guys in a room full of untraceable cash-"
    Batman: "We're not."
    Harvey: "Yeah. But I was just thinking how easy-"
    Batman: "DON'T."
  • Maroni's Oh, Crap! face when, on Christmas, he gets visited by Batman after Joker killed one of his men and was about to kill him for Holiday's kills.