Headscratchers: The Long Halloween

  • It's been awhile since I read The Long Halloween, but what are some hints that Gilda might be absolutely delusional?
    • This is coming from something I read online, but one of the major problems that some readers have with Gilda being Holiday is that it would have been very difficult for her to sneak out of the hospital and kill the Irish Gang on Thanksgiving. Shooting Johnny Viti is more believable, as it's a quick, painless death; even the murder of Milos, Falcone's bodyguard, would be relatively simple to pull off. But the hit on the Irish is a lot more complicated: it's five armed guys in a private hotel room, and Gilda was pretty badly injured by the bomb explosion on Halloween; note that on Christmas, she's still in a wheelchair. It wouldn't be completely impossible, but it certainly wouldn't be easy, either.
    • I always assumed that all three suspects committed at least some of the killings. One of them started the pattern, and the others followed it for their own killings.
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