Funny / The Darkglass Mountain Trilogy

  • When Axis finally learns who Isaiah really is and what his purpose is, his response is "Thank god it's not me who has to be The Chosen One this time."
    • Isaiah's response is perfect.
    Isaiah: (paraphrased) You did such a shitty job last time, why would I make you do it this time?
  • During The Twisted Citadel, Ishbel is growing into her powers with Maximillian guiding her as they're forming a proper friendship and getting to actually know each other and as she talks to the Goblet of Frogs (Her powers let her speak to metals), she learns from it that Maximillian's ring, Madarin's belt buckle and Serge's sword think she and Maximillian should remarry. The narration sells it.
    Narration: She would be damned if she was going to marry a man just because a ring, a goblet, a belt buckle and a sword thought it was a good idea.