YMMV: The Darkglass Mountain Trilogy

  • Moral Event Horizon: Ravenna, when she betrays Maximillian and then has him killed. She's just lucky that Ishbel took mercy on her for being pregnant with his child and could resurrect him.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: To many, Axis in these books is much more tolerable because Azhure is not revived with him.
    • The fact that he's no longer an arrogant ass (due to his Character Development in previous books) might contribute to it as well - the fact is that he now recognises how flawed he is and how mistaken many of his actions were, and he's turned out better for it.
  • Squick: The usual coming from a Sara Douglass book.
  • Tearjerker: There's many in-universe examples, but the most prominent tearjerker from this series is that it was the last set of books Sara Douglass ever wrote before dying from ovarian cancer.
  • The Woobie: As it is a Sara Douglass series, there's more than a few.
    • Ishbel is the most prominent one. As an eight year old girl, her entire family died from a plague and she was the only survivor and instead of helping, the people of the town boarded up the house and left her to die no matter how much she begged and screamed to the point she desperately tried to kill herself with her family's corpses. Thankfully she's taken in by the Serpent Coil and becomes their High Priestess so she does get to know happiness for a time, but then she's forced by the Great Serpent (Aka Light) to marry Maximillian and have his child. Thankfully he's a good and understanding man who gives her the choice to leave the marriage after a year if she wishes to, but because of circumstances beyond their control, important people in the Outlands die and Ishbel and Maximilian are suspected and flee, but Ishbel is kidnapped by the true murderer and his henchmen, heavily sedated with drugs which effect her and her unborn child badly. It only gets worse from there, she loses the baby moments after it's born as it's sacrificed to Kanubai, she loses Maximilian and their marriage and has it rubbed in her face by Ravenna. And that's just the first book.