Funny / The Dark Crystal

  • Fizzgig, the tiny alien terrier always seems to find ways of getting into trouble.
    • Especially when he throws a fit until Kira lets him come with them on the Landstriders.
      • Then there's his escapade:
    Aughra: How did you get out there?!
  • "I don't have wings!" "Of course not, you're a boy."
  • When Aughra is chewing out the Skeksis.
    Aughra: Mouldy mildew, mother of mouthmuck, dangle and strangle and death!
    Ornamentalist: Oh! How crude!
  • The Gourmand's and Ornamentalist's over the top-reaction when the Chamberlain showed them Kira.
    • Leading up to that is the conversation they were having about food or something. They seem to have a Those Two Guys vibe going on.
    Ornamentalist: "....I like the small ones, they're all nice and mushy, and...."
  • If you have the DVD and watch the original audio, it's super funny hearing Fozzie Bear / Yoda's voice coming out of Aughra's mouth.
  • Kind of amusing that Kira, in the midst of experiencing "dreamfasting" — sharing her memories with Jen — bothers to correct his grammar partway through.
  • Aughra gets excited upon hearing that Jen was sent by the Mystic leader.
    Aughra: Where is he? Is he here?
    Jen: He's dead.
    Aughra: Could be anywhere, then.