Awesome / The Dark Crystal

  • Brian Froud's amazing creature designs.
  • The entire movie's set design. Absolutely nothing in this movie is even remotely recognizable as an Earth-based organism. And it was all done with puppets - no CGI at all.
  • The music score by Trevor Jones. Especially in the climax.
  • The Mystics chant in unison to call for Jen. True to their name, there is something mystical about it.
  • The trial by stone, settling a long feud between the Chamberlain and the General.
  • Jen and Kira riding Landstriders.
  • The entire climax.
    Aughra: What was sundered and undone / Shall behold: the two made one!
  • Kira's Wing Pull which saves her and Jen from a Garthim attack.