Funny / The Croods

  • A good portion of the hunt scene at the beginning. They manage to strike a balance between awesome and funny, but what sells it is:
    Grug: Release the baby!
    (cue Sandy charging after the horned bird like an attack dog)
    • "Eep! Avenge me!"
    • The whole thing is basically a Looney Tunes cartoon. Which makes it all the more funny if you imagine those cute little rodents as having dapper English accents.
  • After the Croods are forced to flee for the jungle, Grug tries to scare off a troop of monkeys. One of them just casually spits out a seed, then punches Grug so hard he gets knocked across the clearing, where the other monkeys proceed to smack him around some more, and even Gran joins in once. Then Thunk unhelpfully suggests "Just stop running into their fists!"
  • The first encounter with the big-headed tiger. Grug throws a rock at it. It catches it and tosses it aside with a "Really?" expression on its face.
    • Really, every expression that tiger ever displays. After joining forces with Grug, who declares that he has an idea, Chunky very clearly looks worried to be near him. Them while helping Grug, he gets a clear "WTF" expression on his face at the tar pits. But the best one has to be when they successfully achieve flight, and Chunky's face slowly morphs from fear to an elated expression that screams holy shit this is working!
    • Earlier on, as they're journeying toward the mountains, they're using stilts to walk and Grug taunts Chunky by beating him up with them, only for Chunky to start knocking down the stilts. Cue the classic cartoon gag of Grug trying to get across before Chunky can get him.
    • Later, when they're swimming, Grug sinks to the bottom, but then sees Chunky coming after him and he begins running along the bottom.
  • Eep getting shoes.
    "I love them! Where are my feet?"
  • Grug's occasional lapses into Angrish.
  • Thunk with his pet crocopup.
    Thunk: I'm gonna call you Douglas! Can you do tricks? Roll over!
    (Douglas rolls over off the edge of a cliff and plummets to the bottom)
    Thunk: ...good boy, Douglas!
  • On the road, Gran gets hungry and tries to eat Belt...who pulls a knife on her.
    • Guy's response makes it even better: "He will cut you!"
  • At the end of the movie, when everyone is posing for a family "snap-shot".
  • This bit:
    Ugga: If your father were here right now, he'd say—
    Grug: (offscreen) GET OUT OF THE WAY!!!
    Thunk: Wow, you sound just like him.
  • Both puppet shows.
  • "Here, hold this."
  • Grug's reason for trying to come up with ideas.
    Grug: And...I thought it would kill your mother.
  • The prehistoric equivalent of "Heads or tails".
  • "Try hiding from it in the tall dry grass!"
  • During one of Guy's quirkier moments, Eep asks him how long he's been on his own. Cue Belt spreading his insanely long arms, his facial expression saying: "Very... long... time."
  • When Chunky appears behind Grug in the cave and his breath blows out the torch... and they both start it up again by frantically blowing on its embers, because Chunky's even more afraid of the dark than the people are.
  • Gran: "I was in love once. He was a hunter, I was a gatherer. It was quite a scandal."
  • Guy, on the coming "end of the world": "I don't want to sound too dramatic here, but ARGHHHHHHH! AAAAARHHHHH! AAAAAAHHH!"
  • Grug repeatedly finding himself back at the place where he fell into the maze.
  • When Eep's family finally meets Guy, they have the exact same reactions she had. Eep exasperatedly refutes all their comments the exact same way Guy did for her.
    Thump: The sun is in his hand!
    Eep: No, no, it's fi-re.
    Ugga: Where did it come from?
    Eep: He made it.
    Grug: Make some for me! (Picks up poor Guy and flips him upside down)
    Eep: It doesn't come out of him!
  • Upon their first meeting, Guy seems to be interested in Eep, giving her a shell and telling her to call him, then there's that wide grin when he hears her horn and how he pulls her close when protecting her. Cue his complete and utter shock upon learning that she's a 'cavie'.
  • Ugga discovering the joy of fire.
  • Grug's rivalry with his mother-in-law Gran can be seen as early as the first few minutes of the film, as you could see an ecstatic look on his face when he thinks she died in her sleep.
    • Grug also counts his family members after they fall into the jungle alongside him, and looks delighted when there's one missing. But then he hears his mother-in-law fall behind him, and sighs, reluctantly bringing the total up to include her.
      • What makes Grug like the idea of going to the mountain is his mother-in-law stating that walking so far might kill her.
        • What inspires Grug to have an idea of his own is his mother-in-law saying she'd have a heart attack and die if he did.