Funny / The Blair Witch Project

  • Heather squishing the camera into a bag of marshmallows at the grocery store.
  • Mike eating a dry leaf.
  • Heather's very narmy narration for her documentary.
  • The entire scene with the two fishermen.
  • Upon discovering a dead mouse:
    Heather: (jokingly dramatic) What killed this dead mouse? Witchcraft?
    Josh: (bluntly) How bout God?
  • Mike filming Heather struggling with their equipment.
    Mike: I could help you but I'd rather stay here and record.
  • "Is that the Blair Witch? No, it's Heather taking a piss."
  • Some of their campfire banter is pretty funny.
    "Witches in days gone by were roasted just like my Vienna sausage."
  • Mike's leaning post.
  • Heather asking Josh why she's not allowed to smoke in the tent when Mike is allowed to fart.
  • Josh and Heather making fun of Mike's chest hair.
    Mike: You should see my ass.
  • This exchange (an approximation):
    Mike: What bothers me is that we're so damn deep in the woods and people are gonna come out here and mess with us...They've gotta have something wrong with them, and I don't wanna play with that.
    Heather: Well, how do we know it was people?
    Mike: Well, even if it wasn't, I don't wanna play with that, either!
  • And this exchange:
    Heather: What do you think that was last night?
    Josh: Honestly... I think someone was fucking with your head.
    Heather: But who would do that? We're out in the middle of the woods.
    Josh: Yeah well, have you ever seen Deliverance?
  • Mike and Josh sarcastically singing The National Anthem.
  • After Josh disappears, Heather finds a bundle of twigs outside their tent. While in the movie this and its contents are horrifying, amusingly, Heather's reaction is NOPE and just chucks it away rather than open it. The actress had to be told by the crew to go back and open it. It's a very realistic reaction in a genre full of people walking into dangerous things because the movies need to get a scare in.
  • In the motel the night before heading into the woods, Heather shares a drink with the guys, even asking if they have any weed, apparently because she's nervous about her class project. After she takes a pull from the bottle, she shudders.
    Heather: I fucking hate Scotch.
  • When setting up the tent for the first night, and the guys commenting on how cramped it is, Heather's reply is a loudly sarcastic "Well, I'm not usually out here with two guys, if you know what I mean!"