Nightmare Fuel / The Blair Witch Project

  • Near the climax of the film, we have Heather's apology scene, arguably the most famous scene in the entire movie, where Heather, while taking a video of herself, apologies to Josh's and Mike's mother for urging them to come along into her project. You can see fear frighteningly clear in Heather's tear-filled eyes when she hysterically believes that she's going to die in the woods.
  • How about Josh's fate, for starters? At first he goes missing, which is normal enough. But then Heather finds some of his teeth and hair wrapped up in a blood-soaked bundle of sticks, cloth and pieces of Josh's shirt lying outside the tent. To top it off, the next night she and Mike hear him moaning and somehow calling for them in the distance.
  • Walking in one direction all day and ending up at that SAME LOG.
  • How about the VERY last shot, after the camera is dropped? Is that part of the rocks, or a face-up dead body partly hidden by the stone wall? Also, it's pretty safe to assume something grabbed Heather, causing her to drop the camera.
  • Someone or something was attacking the tent.
  • After all that walking through the forest, they come across an abandoned house... with the interior covered in bloody handprints.
  • The outro at the ending credits. It's pretty ominous, ambient like, and very, very disturbing with all the sound effects. As if the Blair Witch is stalking you in the woods, and fits perfectly to the film's general theme. Antonio Cora, props to you.
  • Josh knocking over one of the cairns. Even though nothing scary happens immediately, you know at this point that all three characters are doomed.
    • On the fourth day, Heather wakes up and finds three little cairns around their tent.