Funny / The Backyardigans

  • Among many others, from "The Two Musketeers":
    Tasha: Is that why you don't like the Empress? Because she has a hot air balloon and you don't?!
    Musketeers Tyrone & Pablo: Yeah.
    • What makes this funnier the deadpan manner in which they say it.
  • The only part of "Scared of You" that might be deliberately scary is a falling staircase that everyone barely survives. Uniqua wants to relive it.
  • "Cave Party" features a running gag where someone invents something, and the other characters guess the name. Many of their guesses are average, but in one bit, Pablo's guess is bacon.
  • Much of "Best Clowns in Town". At one point, Pablo and Uniqua come up with the plan of firing themselves out of a cannon to catch up to Tyrone's train. Tyrone tries to slowly back away, and then they grab him and stuff him into the cannon.
  • A general example: Just about every time Pablo has one of his panic attacks. And everybody's complete deadpan reactions to them.