Funny / The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad

  • Toad whenever he whips out his monocle. Something about Toad's design and personality clashing with Toad in general is a generally hilarious sight.
  • Mister Winky's design. Something about him seems like a mobile Tapper from Tapper.
  • Seeing MacBadger faint when he hears that Toad traded Toad Hall for the motor car and again at the end when he sees Toad in his new aeroplane.
  • Cyril Proudbottom's epic slam against the crown prosecutor, when asked how Toad got the motorcar:
    Cyril: The only way a gentleman gets anything: the honest way.
    Prosecutor: And WHAT IS the honest way?
    Cyril: HAHA! I THOUGHT you wouldn't know that one, guv'na!
  • The entire scene where Ratty and Moley attempt to talk Toad out of his new mania for caravans.
    Toad: Hello, you fellows! You're the very animals I was coming to see! Come along! Hop up! We'll go for a jolly ride! The open road, the dusty highway. (While Toad is talking, Mole looks perusaded and eagerly starts to climb onto the cart. Ratty notices this and quickly stops him, wagging his finger at him disapprovingly afterwards) Come! I'll show you the world. Travel, change, excitement! Ha Ha Ha! (Cyril clears his throat a couple times as if to say, Um, aren't you forgetting something?) Oh how stupid of me! I'd like you to meet my noble horse, Cyril!
    Cyril: Aye, that's me. A bit of a trotter, a bit of a rotter. (leaning in on Rat and Mole, invading their personal space) How do you do, how do you do, (deep, simpleton like voice for no apparent reason) how do you do?
    Ratty: (polite but clearly irritated) How do you do?
    Cyril: (frowning) Say, guv'nor, your friends seem a bit on the stuffy side, what?
    Ratty:(Firm) Toad, we want to have a talk with you.
    Toad: Oh, a visit? Splendid! (hops down onto the rung of the cart)
    Ratty: Toad, this is serious! You've got to give up that horse and cart.
    Toad: (shocked) Give up my... Oh, but my dear Ratty, this is my career! Surely, you can't mean it.
    Ratty: I do mean it. You've got to stop this foolishness.
    Toad: (stubbornly) No.
    Ratty: You must!
    Toad: No, I won't do it!
    Ratty: Your reckless is behavior is giving us animals a bad name.
    Toad: I won't listen to anything!
    (Toad covers his ears and everything Rat says is softened, but whenever he removes his hands from his ears, Rat speaks louder)
    Ratty: Your thoughts are becoming a menace to society! If you won't think of yourself, think of poor old MacBadger! And as for that horse, no good could ever come from getting about with such a fast and irresponsible beast!
  • Toad, when he first gets Motor Mania.
  • This gem:
    Toad: Afraid of the police? I? Toad? Afraid of the police? (laughs until a loud knock comes from the door)
    MacBadger: Open up! Open up I said!
    Toad: (horrorstruck) THE POLICE!
  • As Mr. Winky testifies, Toad is so sure he will be exonerated that he is walking toward the exit. Then Winky says that Toad was trying to sell him the stolen car and the courtroom doors slam shut right in Toad's face.
  • Ichabod's various stunts during the chase scene of Sleepy Hollow.
  • Tilda's enthusiasm over getting to dance with Brom.
  • After a horseshoe hits Brom Bones' head, he sees two Ichabods skipping along with each other. One even helps the other up the fence.
  • Also his almost Adorkable expression when his new bride Katrina demonstrates how enthusiastic she is about their getting hitched.